From the Cockpit to the Boardroom: An Executive-Level View of Success from 10,000 Feet

Having trouble managing mistakes in your corporation? Get the strategies you need to avoid fatal mistakes and fly your business to success. It takes an average of five concurrent, mainly human, errors to create an environment for a plane to crash. Avoid any of those mistakes and your plane can safely fly, land, and prepare for the next take off.

Fly with five expert business pilots for 90 minutes to get the executive-level overview of Cockpit Resource Management, Operations, Marketing, Social Media, and Sales.

Cockpit Resource Management for Business Leaders (Jim Benz, Principal Consultant at Enterprise Solutions, Experienced Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor)

  • Command vs. Leadership
  • Disasters & how to avoid them
  • Breaking Error Chains
  • Strategies for Success in 2010

Applying the Lessons From Aviation to Keep Your Operations Flying (Carol Wright, Principal Consultant at Enterprise Solutions)

  • Implementing the CRM concept with your staff
  • Adapting the tools to your organization
  • Reducing your risks and your costs

From the Cockpit Perspective, a Checklist for Your Marketing Function (Lois Niland, Marketing Consultant at Enterprise Solutions)

  • Brand Strength Test
  • Culling Customer Insights
  • Growing Your Business

ExecuTweet (Emily Carpenter, Web Whiz & Social Media Evangelist at WhizBang! Web Solutions)

  • Flying to new heights with Social Media
  • Overcoming Social Media turbulence
  • Accepting nothing less than First Class

How to Make Your Sales Take Off (Mike Krause, Sales Architect at Sales Sense Solutions)

  • Hiring Great Sales Professionals for Your Crew
  • Avoiding Turbulence in the Sales Process
  • Survival Guide for 2010

7:00 am: Check-in, Boarding & Continental Breakfast

7:30: Take-off

9:00: Landing & Baggage Claim

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Junior Achievement of Rochester.

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