You're the Expert! 8 Winning Strategies for Exploding Your Business

In this dynamic 2 hour Web Conference I will not only teach you the most popular methods to win the business that you desire but I'll share my personally developed techniques for engaging an extremely lucrative target market.

That's right, when we're finished you'll be able to create, write and implement your own plan for world domination!

Over the last 8 years I've focused on honing my business coaching skills and I've successfully become one of the most sought after personal development specialist in the area.  Guess what?  Well over 78% of my business today comes from social media alone.  No, I didn't purchase any of the expensive bells and whistles or use any special applications.  I did it the hard way by focusing on getting what I want and going after it.  The road was tough and I made tons of mistakes.

Now I'm going to share my secrets with you.

I can't wait to share my tips, stories and strategies on:

  • identifying and engaging with your target markets
  • creating massively successful engaging messages
  • marketing your professional expertise
  • constructing brilliant follow-up strategies
  • getting real commitments from your followers
  • cashing in on your campaign success

If you're not sure how to do any of the stuff above without spending wads of cash register for this now!

I promise, not only will you learn tons, you'll have loads of fun. This will be exciting and interesting!

I'm thinking about hosting a contest for those of you that are willing to share your written plans a few weeks later, so stay tuned for information about that.

By the way, those of you that register now will get a special early bird gift.  You'll be invited to Winning Execution Strategies, a special international and highly popular audio recording! You won't want to miss this free gift (Only for early bird registrants) so register now!

For those of you that would like to sponsor this event and get your business out in front of our marketing audience of thousands, call me right now at 703-201-4267.  I want to work with you to create an immediate dramatic impact as soon as possible.

If you'd like to get a taste of what we offer check out our best lead generation and engagement training in the link above!  Just click that pretty picture of the dynomite:-)!  There's no registration, no paymetns and no gimmicks.  Just thousands of dollars of free training.

Comments from our friends!

"WOW, what a tremendous effort that you put together for us on Linkedin.  I appreciate it very much! THANK YOU"

-Oanh Henry, Owner Allegra Printing of Fairfax

"Thanks for a great webinar with so much information on how to successfully market my business through LinkedIn! You are helping me out tremendously. As a small business owner, I have to watch every dollar that I spend and the $29 for the webinar and all of the "extras" was well worth the investment. Thanks again, and please keep me in the loop on any more helpful presentations or webinars for my business."

-Jane Barnett,  Franchise Owner InXpress Washington D.C.

“I have had the opportunity to participate in several educational and coaching sessions. Marvin's knowledge and applictions are beyond what others offer. He has helped clarify my mission and as a result, take my business to another level.

Marvin understands today's constantly changing world and helps make it clear how to take keep up with and implement strategies.

Any opportunity to be at something Marvin presents is worth the effort.

Thanks, Elaine” May 6, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

1st Elaine Gibson,
hired Marvin "Coach" as a Career Coach in 2010


“I am very pleased to recommend Coach Marvin Powell as an AMAZING LinkedIn Expert. Coach Powell helped me to understand the power of LinkedIn through personal strategy consultation and his recorded training titled "Secrets of the LinkedIn Kingdom".

Through his ongoing mentorship I have been able to significantly optimize my LinkedIn presence and capture multiple opportunities from the techniques he shared with me. More importantly, we have become friends and our families have fellowshipped together.

Marvin is someone who I continue to refer new clients to and consistently look forward to collaborating with. Any organization or professional seeking a high integrity, no nonsense coach need look no further than Coach Marvin Powell.” March 22, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Jerome Leonard,
hired Marvin "Coach" as a Career Coach in 2010


“I have had the opportunity to attend several of Coach Powell's training sessions. I have been impressed with both his depth of knowledge and ability to explain the subjects under discussion. I highly recommend his services.” December 3, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

1st Allen Anderson,
hired Marvin "Coach" as a Business Consultant in 2010


Tickets are going mega fast for this and there's only a few seats.  Come on in, the water's fine!


Here's a free download of at least 4 hours of some our best training content for small businesses.  You'll learn some of todays best lead generation and engagement strategies right here!


I'll see you all in the winners circle!


-Coach Powell

"Your success is our focus"

Name Sales End Price Fee
Coach Powell's Keys to Business Explosion Ended $39 $1.97
Sponsor Keys to Business Explosion Ended $1000 $9.95

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