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Modification 101 Workbook Description

This E-book provides an overview of the loan modification process from A-Z.  What is a loan Modification and why the lenders are willing to do them, what forms are needed to prepare a loan modification, how much to ask the lender to give up, how to structure the budget, how to structure the hardship letter, how to submit to the lender, DRE Requirements and much more. It also includes several examples and illustrations of budgets, profit and loss statements and hardship letters.


Modification 101 CD

This CD is designed to accompany the Loan Modification 101 workbook.  The CD contains various forms, including: budgets, and hardship letters in Microsoft Word and Excel format for easy use.  Not only does it contain every example and illustration displayed in the workbook but it also has Lender’s info and packages, actual modifications(PDF) , scripts for advertising and any pertinent forms (fax cover sheets, blank budget worksheet, starter hardship letters ect.) needed during the process. Frequently ask questions and Lender Update documents are also stored on the CD.


Making Home Affordable Program Workbook

Making Home Affordable Program Description & Overview.  It also examines MHAP qualifications and underwriting process to determine borrower eligibility.  Other topics include guidelines for the Home Affordability Refinance Program, guidelines for the Home Affordability Modification Program, and guidelines for the Home Affordability 2nd Mortgage/2nd Lien Program.  Upon completion of this workbook, the user will understand how to execute the process of modifying loans under the HAMP, including how the standard waterfall process is applied and how lenders utilize the Net Present Value to determine eligibility.  This workbook also contains many advance loan modification concepts, such as how bankruptcy affects loan modifications, forensic audits, and modifying special populations, such as Spanish speaking (or other foreign language) borrowers and Military personnel.


Making Home Affordable CD

This CD is designed to accompany the Making Home Affordable Seminar Workbook.  The CD is filled with valuable information that is essential for processing and submitting a successful loan modification under the Making home Affordable Program.  Items on the CD include: IRS Form 4506T, NPV calculator (Excel format), hardship affidavit, sample trial period document, Second-Lien Program Overview, bankruptcy overview, a forensic audit sample report, an MHA Fact sheet and many other MHA docs that are resourceful.


Name Price Fee
Loan Modification 101 Workbook - $45 $45 $2.12
Loan Modification 101 CD - $25 $25 $1.61
Loan Modification 101 Workbook and CD Combo - $60 $60 $2.49
Making Home Affordable Workbook - $40 $40 $1.99
Making Home Affordable CD - $20 $20 $1.49
Making Home Affordable Workbook and CD Combo - $50 $50 $2.24
Loan Modification 101 & 102 Combination Packet (includes workbooks and CDs) - $100 $3.49
Returning Student - $25 $25 $1.61

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