Clitoral Revelations


Clitoral Revelations:

A Sex-Positive, No-Nonsense Guided Tour to All Things Clit!



Join Teri Ciacchi and friends of her Love Revolution as we shine a light on the "mysterious" sacred realm of biological women's genitalia. Join us as we provide a safe, educational exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the clitoris in order to increase our understanding and appreciation of female sexuality.  Class includes:

  • three gracious biological women models
  • live demo of heart-centered vulva massage
  • breakout group on female ejaculation
  • illustrations from The Feminist Women's Health Centers
  • text and research from Rebecca Chalker & Deborah Sundahl
  • lecture, powerpoint, and lively discussion!

By the time you leave you will be able to clearly identify all 18 visible and hidden parts of the "Clitoral Complex." We will use Dr. W. Banning Vail's "Personal Pelvic Viewer TM" to actually view the “g-spot" or female prostate gland/urethral sponge inside our two amazing women models.  Once you‘ve taken this class you will never again wonder where the g-spot is or how it functions, and yes Virginia, women do ejaculate!

This extremely popular workshop usually sells out so we recommend early registration.

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The Clitoral Revelations teaching team* create a safe and honoring witnessing of female genital anatomy. Join us as we provide a fun, educational exploration of the ...

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after 2,500 years in which the clitoris and the penis were considered coequals, so much information and knowledge about the clit just happened to get lost. Chalker devotes an entire chapter to sorting out the facts …

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And a lot more of us have opened up about it in a moment of timid revelation - especially ... but that every woman has the capacity of orgasm if her clitoris is stimulated. They suggest that the term "vaginal orgasm" should be replaced with the term ...

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