Clean Power? Cascadia Forum Presents Mr. Donald McInnes, CEO of Plutonic Power

Clean Power? Cascadia Forum Presents Mr. Donald McInnes, CEO of Plutonic Power

 BC’s demand for electricity is growing exponentially and while conservation measures and large hydroelectric projects being investigated by BC Hydro will help manage that demand – it is only part of the equation. Donald McInnes, founder, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Plutonic Power Corporation, a run-of-river hydroelectric developer in BC, will introduce you to the world of private clean power development and showcase how innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is helping keep the lights on now and well into the future in BC.

 Through technologies ranging from run-of-river hydroelectric to wind, wave and wood waste, private developers are working within the current government’s energy plan mandate, the energy created by these developers addresses broader social objectives in the communities where they are being built and the larger international issue of climate change. Private power development is not without controversy in this province – Mr. McInnes will also debunk some of the common myths being circulated by opponents of private development and highlight the challenges the industry faces in gaining acceptance and consent to operate their projects.

 About Run-of-River Hydro
Unlike traditional hydroelectric facilities, which flood large areas of land, run of river projects do not require any damming of water. Instead, some of the water is diverted from a river, and sent into a pipe called a penstock. The penstock feeds the water downhill to a generating station. The natural force of gravity creates the energy required to spin the turbines that in turn generate electricity. The water leaves the generating station and is returned to the river without altering the existing flow or water levels.

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