QwertyClick IV Project Fund raising by the CIWABA Foundation


This event aims at raising funds for the construction of a computer literacy center by the CIWABA Foundation. This project is termed QwertyClick IV because it aims at building a fourth Computer Training Center through the QwertyClick Program under CIWABA's supervision.

CIWABA in a nutshell

The term CIWABA is an acronym for the phrase Computer, Internet and Web Awareness for a Better Africa. CIWABA is a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims at improving on the life of every reachable and interested African through sensitization and education on the use (or proper use) of computers, internet and the World Wide Web. Located in Cameroon, with three offices and headquarters in Buea, the South West Region, this organization’s mission is to improve computer, internet and web literacy in Africa and teaching Africans how to properly utilize knowledge gained through training workshops, seminars, sensitization campaigns and computer training centers, for better communication, education and web security. CIWABA’s beneficiaries are expected to be computer, internet and web literates who can create jobs for themselves by starting a business for themselves or gaining employment in a computer, internet or web related business or company for which they were initially not qualified or capable.

QwertyClick in a nutshell

CIWABA’s projects are unique and diverse in nature. The term QwertyClick is the adopted name given to any CIWABA project that focuses on Computer Literacy. The QwertyClick Program currently runs a Computer Literacy Academy that is made up of three working computer training centers, all of which are completely free of charge to any interested individual from age 15 (for non-students) or in at least secondary school level (for students). External support in the form of donations and funds from fundraising activities enable this project to provide free computer training, free study materials and free computer donations to individuals, groups and schools.

The QwertyClick IV Project

The QwertyClick I, QwertyClick II and QwertyClick III projects were all a great success. These projects led to the creation of three computer literacy centers in carefully chosen localities and pride themselves with the provision of free computers to needy individuals, groups and institutions in various parts of Cameroon.  Our achievements (January 2007 - August 2009) sums up to 974 graduates.  The ninth batch of traines still await graduation.

The QwertyClick IV Project, which is the primary concern of this project, aims at improving on the size of CIWABA’s Computer Literacy Academy by creating a fourth computer training center. This computer training center will be located in Muea, a neighboring town west of Buea. This center has the capability of holding sixty (60) computers and is estimated to be capable of graduating at least a hundred (100) trainees per course durng each intake (three month period).

How Does it Help?

Providing free computer training to members of poor and disdavantaged communities is like providing fishing nets to prospective fishermen. Unemployment is a great deal in most poor and third world countries. Entrepreneurship is the way out but with little or no education/capital, most potential individuals hardly make it. Most of our graduates proved to be individuals who could not afford any form of paid education or training and as a result, were unemployed or exploiited in very low paying unskilled jobs. Most of them have now realised a turnaround. With computer know-how, they have gained employment or started computer related business like Computer and Accessory Sales, Data Processing Centres, Internet Cyber Cafes, etc...

Most of our beneficiaries are NOT ONLY self sustaining BUT ALSO capable of extending a hand to friends and relatives. Our sponsors, donors and volunteers take all the glory :).

Project Costing

The total (estimated) cost for this project is $ 23,252.955. Below is a summary of the QwertyClick project in two different file formats.

Microsoft Word 2003 format

Adobe Reader (pdf) format

We Need You

Yes, indeed, we do. You are a potential sponsor, donor or volunteer. We are raising funds for the QwertyClick IV project. Buying a ticket for this monthly event (last Saturday of Every Month from Jan 2010 - Dec 2010) is a form of donation to help raise $ 23,252.955 so that the creation of QwertyClick IV Computer Academy can be realised.

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