W.V. ~ Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): Assisting Individuals in Crisis: "Peer"

Critical Incident Stress Management {CISM} Individual Crisis Intervention & Peer SupportCourse Location: West Virginia Wesleyan College / / Kresage HallSponsored by Upshur Cooperative Parish, The United Methodist Church,part of the West Virginia ConferenceRegistration 8:30am ~ 9:00amClass 9:00am ~ 4:30pmCompletion of the ICISF Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support class and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (13 Contact Hours) qualifies as a CORE course in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.This two day course is a “must attend” for anyone working in the fields of crisis intervention, pastoral care, psychological trauma, mental health, traumatic stress, emergency services & disaster mental health. Faculty for this two day course is ICISF trainer, Frank T. Shane, CTR, CTSS. Frank is Director/CEO of the K-9 Disaster Relief Foundation and Vice President of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.Crisis Intervention is not psychotherapy, rather it is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention, which requires specialized training. As physical first-aid is to surgery, crisis intervention is to psychotherapy. Thus, crisis intervention is sometimes called “emotional first-aid.” Most crisis interventions are typically done individually (one-on-one). This program is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of, and a specific protocol for, individual intervention and increase Emergency Mental Health Skills. At the completion of this two day course, participants will be able to: List at least four fundamental principals of crisis intervention; Describe common psychiatric symptoms after trauma; Demonstrate crisis intervention techniques; and List risk factors for suicide.Registration is non-refundable after April 25, 2006.For any additional information, please contact: Academy@K-9DisasterRelief.orgK-9 Disaster Relief Academy 551 Valley Road ~ #179 Upper Montclair, NJ 07043Telephone (973) 563-1291

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CISM: Assisting Individuals in Crisis - Peer. 2-day ICISF certificate course includes workbook, handouts, study materials and "Certificate of Completion" Ended $140
Publication: "CANINES IN CRISIS: Mitigating Traumatic Stress through Canine Crisis Intervention. Author: Frank T. Shane. CTR, CTSS (optional purchase) Ended $19.95
CISM REFRESHER: If you have taken the ICISF Peer Course within the last 12 months you qualify, and may take this course for $50.00. This fee includes workbook, handouts, study materials and certificate. Ended $50

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