The CINDERELLA Series: How to Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

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How to Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

Happily Ever After is not the product of a fairy godmother OR her magic wand.  It’s the product of the work you do to set yourself up for success.  In this very special series, you’ll learn the 4 KEYS TO HAPPILY EVER AFTER and how to apply them.

Key #1  ACCOUNTABILITY:  Real accountability is not about forcing yourself to do something or hiring a bully to force you.  Real accountability is about giving yourself the support you need, when you need it so you can win the battle with yourself and get to work.

Key #2  FAILURE:  We all get down every now and then.  Unfortunately, sometimes life’s little disappointments become big problems.  How well you are able to deal with the down moments can be a determining factor in how successful you can be. 

Key #3  MOMENTUM KILLERS:  These are the frustrations and annoyances that interrupt your day, your work and your mojo.  Learning to make your momentum killers less deadly means it is easier to build up the kind of momentum that makes work more fun and you more productive.

Key #4  FOCUS:  You may have heard somewhere that you can have it all.  You’ll find however that if you do manage to have it all, it will be awfully hard to manage.  Focus is as much about knowing WHAT to focus on as it is knowing how to stay focused on it. 



Series Details
THE BOOKS--To train you in each of the 4 Keys, you'll receive an electronic mini-book with detailed information about that topic, along with exercises, forms and examples to help you apply that information to your own life.








·          3 Critical Agreements for REAL Accountability

·           7 Steps to Holding Someone Accountable

·          1 “Nuclear” Option

·          4 Types of Action—How to get into the most fun/most effective kind of action

·           “BDA” Method—Identify the true source of a lack of action

·          Conspiracy of Mediocrity vs. Culture of Accountability

Key #2


·          6 Things Everyone Should Know About Failure

·          13 Fatal Ways People AVOID Failure & Sabotage Their Success

·           4 Critical Practices to Deal with Failure

·          7 Stages of Failure

·          Identify Your Failure Cycle & How to Recover Faster

·           4 Types of Failure & the Most Effective Way to Deal with Each

·          What Donald Trump’s Hair Can Teach You About Failure & Success

·          Why Failing is NOT Your Real Problem


Key #3



·          Why “Getting Motivated” Doesn’t Work

·           How to IDENTIFY & OVERCOME Your Biggest & Most Frequent Momentum Killer, Frustrations, & Challenges

·           How to Protect Yourself from Problems Before They Occur

·           How to Create Battle Stations to Survive Life’s Attacks with Your Productivity Intact

·           3 Ways You Become Your Own Worst Enemy When Bad Things Happen

·          3 Simple Secrets to Creating Momentum

·          3 Critical Areas of Your Life to Manage for Momentum


Key #4


·           How to Manufacture Time

·          2 Biggest Reasons You Have No Time

·          3 Smart Systems for Creating Your Own Happily Ever After

·          How to Say NO Without Feeling Bad or Making People Mad




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