Vote for your artists of choice to enter into the Chocolate Crushes "STEALING FAME" Records Empire Tour.

Catch the Chocolate Crushes Records Empire Tour!


Where artists compete to tour from State to State in concert. Who are the judges?

You are. You could pick which of your favorite artists could tour in concert by

casting your votes now! The top 10 with the most votes will start the tour and the

votes will continue. When any of the 10 are voted off the tour a new group in waiting

will take their place. The artist(s) that was voted off the tour would have to be voted back in to continue.

These performance tours will go in to Chapters. Every State produces a new Chapter.

The first Chapter:


  1. The Take Down!  CALIFORNIA


The final artist(s) that are the first to tour 40 of the States wins:

Grand prize:  Record Licensing and Distribution Deal & Jack Pot

2nd Prize: 1 Album Digital Distribution Deal & Jack Pot

3rd Prize:  Jack Pot



Your dollar counts as votes towards your favorite artists music success. So help fund your artists

entertainment career and package their success with your contributions. Just $1.00 could

help add to the many other contributions they receive to get them on the tour.

Name Price Fee
Vote Submission Free
FAM BAM   Free
Lady Silverfawn   Free

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Vote for your artists of choice to enter into the Chocolate Crushes "STEALING FAME" Records Empire Tour. Concert or Performance

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