Chicago Social Network Marketing Workshop April 18, 2011

"Announcing the Social Network Marketing 2.0 Workshop: The Most Advanced Method Of Customer Attraction, Social Media Domination, And SEO Marketing Ever Taught!”

Imagine your inbox filled with hungry leads, or cash-in-pocket sales for your business, on an hourly basis, 24-7.

Imagine never having to scratch your head wondering where your next customer is going to come from.

Imagine having the nearly "sixth-sense" ability to know exactly where your customers are, and the exact words to type, to have them quickly order your product or service.


Social Network Marketing Workshop

This may sound far-fetched, but I can assure you, this incredible power can be created within your business. And it all starts here.

Believe me, I know it's such a noisy world out there today. There's so much clutter and information on how to market your website on the Internet today, that the term, "information overload" has become more relevant than ever before.

At times like this, you need to go back to the basics, and concentrate on what has been proven to work, time and time again.

And what HAS proven to work over and over again?

I've Added A Brand New Chicago Bonus Workshop, And We Have Social Network Marketing 2.0! Many of you asked for it, now you've got it! If you're anything like me, it's a lot easier to learn when you see actual case studies. I've listened to my customers, and spent a great deal of time compiling incredible Web 2.0 publicity case studies.

I'm including these in your Web Marketing 2.0 workshop. Plus, you'll get over an hour of training on publicity to go along with it - and I'll even include special step-by-step website training for Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Linkedin, and more!

I've Added A Brand New Bonus For Web Marketing 2.0! Because I want to make sure you really "get it", I've taken the time to really "dig in" and dissect 5 websites, and explain what really makes them tick.

You'll have immediate access to the website links, on-line training, and written notes from my workshop. This is the first and only time that this bonus is available for Web Marketing. And it's yours today, when you take a seat at the upcoming Social Network Marketing 2.0.

We will include special sections for:

  • Chicago small businesses
  • Internet personas ~ (specializing in areas like author branding)
  • Building a computer consultancy in Chicago
  • Travel based websites
  • Chicago real estate SEO

I've Added A Bonus For Social Network Marketing 2.0! A while back, I was asked to sift through every single e-mail that I've sent over the past 10 years, and pull out the 10 greatest e-mails that I've ever sent. It took me forever and a day to find them, as you can imagine.

In this bonus training, I'll provide you with copies of each of these 10 e-mails. We will cover this in an hour-long session, where I dissect each e-mail, and explain why each one is so great. I'll also provide you with written notes of my workshop. This is a powerful package - and is the first time that it's made available with the Social Network Marketing Formula.

The Social Network Marketing 2.0 Workshop is packed with all of the information that the original Search Engine Optimization Workshop previously had also. Why? Because it's timeless. The methods have, and will always work.

But this time... there's more.

And now, for the first time, the Social Network Marketing Formula has been updated with a FOURTH step, and never-before-seen information on Social Media Marketing.

"By Combining The Powers Of Social Media
And Search Engine Optimization, You're Unlocking The
Greatest Marketing One-Two Punch In History!"

"Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Learn In Our Workshop, Social Network Marketing 2.0" I will cover:

  • The secrets to Social Network Book Marketing, and how to use it to your greatest advantage (I will fully explain what Social Book Marketing is for, for Web 2.0 "newbies")
  • How to use Holidays and Special Events as automatic traffic generators for your blog
  • The number one mistake marketer's make when it comes to Social Media Marketing, and how to avoid it
  • Which Social Media site drove over 400,000 unique visitors to a website within just 3 hours?
  • How to properly use a Social Media site called "Digg" - and make your posts there so compelling that viewers can't stop themselves from visiting your website
  • Learn which video got over 9,000,000 views in just 2 days, after being posted on a Social Media Website (You'll get some ideas from this one for sure)!
  • The secret key to creating a "buzz", and how to get people talking about you, your product, or your service
  • Find out what the most absolute must-have marketing tool is for Social Media Marketers that takes two minutes to set up... and best of all, it's free
  • Learn the surprising answer to my question, "What are the most popular social sites?" "Why, and how, should I use them for my business?"
  • Discover the top 5 Social Media websites that you need to be posting written content on, starting today, to drive traffic to your website
  • Find out which Social Media website is rated #1
  • Exposed! The exact 3 step process, that takes only 5 minutes to do, that brought in the 20,000 new visitors to my website
  • How we use the Social Media site, "Twitter", in a way that most others don't, and how you can get this Social Media Mogul's attention
  • The absolute best, brand new, Social Media website to use, and upload pictures, press releases, or documents on right now - especially if your website, or your blog, is brand new, and nowhere to be found on Yahoo or Google (this is huge)!
  • Where to get free, unlimited, bandwidth or hosting, for your digital products (you can even password protect them - this is also huge, and saves you money!)
  • How to easily keep up with Social Media, and Web 2.0, so you can be on top of everything without losing your personal life
  • Exposed! How, and where to hire out all of your Social Media Marketing, and have your very own personal virtual assistant doing all of the work for you
  • Find out the top 5 Social Media websites that you need to create profiles on right now, and how to get people to find you
  • Exposed! The exact methods, and simple 5 step plan on how to market your product or service, using Social Media to get noticed, and explode your sales
  • The 2 must-read books that anyone who is about to dive into Social Media Marketing must read
  • Learn the steps that you can take, right now, to dramatically improve your blog, and how to avoid the biggest mistake new bloggers make

This is a 1 day, Intensive and Powerful Social Network Marketing Workshop Training Seminar. Your laptop will come in handy for working on some of the exercises at this Social Network Marketing Workshop Training Seminar, but it is not necessary. Please bring your files if you would like them reviewed on CD, or flash drive. This will help you, and your instructors, work hands-on, if you have examples. There will not be Internet access at this venue, unless you have a cellular service on your laptop. All of the above mentioned bullet points that will be covered in this Social Network Marketing Workshop Training Seminar sound great, but how will they affect you?

 They Will Help You Succeed!

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