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Peace - Green Private Equity. Right on the money. We are changing for the better. We are setting a new course even as we search in the light for solutions. Financial City has a Green opportunity to create a new form of Private Equity that supports Green, Environmental, Humanitarian and Technological breakthroughs through Social Enterprise.  
It is a choice if we'll engage in an age of miracles or fall in an age of misery and despair.
Take your pick.
Completely up to us.
On March the 23rd 2009, We will hold a world Leaders conference in London's City to speak, and listen, to manifest the new Green Private Equity and Social Enterprise Future. A new reality and enough change to focus and visualize the age of miracles going forward.

Let's come together to Visualize a new Rennaissance.

It is a meeting of Leaders. Thought Leaders, Business Leaders, Practice Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and Change Agents.
A rennaissance in Business and Economics, in Politics, in Culture and the Arts, in Conflict resolution, in peaceful and non agressive national appeasments towards their neighbours and above all else Humanism and personal change in the global Environment. Some earth changing individuals have agreed to speak and join us in a vision Quest and a talking circle this March the 23rd.
Put it in your calendar and let me know if you want a place for yourself. Only active participants are to be admited and pleaase prepare your vision well... Meditate - Pray - Calculate - Make Business Plans.. whatever rocks your boat, but make it original.


If You want to change the world, read this book and look inside. Change starts from within and inside the mind of the human being. I offer my last book about how to go about changing your mind and then changing your inside and external world. It is a Brain Software book and I want to share it with all the change makers. It's a free download for all the ASW friends. But I want your comments and thoughts in this blog.
Fair Exchange? It's a deal.
Go to http://www.lulu.com/content/3849030 download,read and comment here.
It will certainly change your mind and just might change your Life.
Einstein opined that with the present day thinking we've created unprecedented problems, that we simply can't solve. He suggested that we need to take our thinking to a new level if we want to tackle these systemic problems.
I believe that the way to do this is a new operating system for the human computer. A fresh & timely software for the human brain and a systemic thinking upgrade.
We've been running in our heads for the last few Millennia with the same type of code.
It's time for a New Operating System or a serious update or both. A new level of thinking will result. The Book IBM Brain Software is all about it.
But why don't we engage in a dialogue to find the new Software together in a community of friends way?
That's what this conference is all about...
please share your thoughts here freely and openly...
PS: Part of the New Level of Thinking is to not editorialize yourselves.
But if You really want to change the world then join us for a Change the world Club forum conference this Spring on Sunday the 23rd of March 2009 in London to create the new software we need to use to replace the old one that served us so well for the last few Millennia.
Save the date in the City to create the new Dreamscape for Change...
Please tell us what You think.


Monday, March 23rd - London City - Financial Mile Center - POP 09 - CoCreation Circle Camp Conference

       9:00 AM      Tea and coffee reception and Co-Creation networking circle group formation.

    10:00 AM      Change and Life Achievment Visualization Meditation - What is Your Life?

     10:30 AM      Nomadic Tent Brain Gathering - Hope and Rewards - Who are we? you? us?

11:00 AM                     Talking Circle led by Desmond Tutu
1:00 PM Nic Askew Films of Hope, Humanity  and Life showing during lunch
2:30 PM Green Private Equity talking circle. Peter Blom  CEO of Triodos bank.
3:30 PM Clean Tech - Environmental Social Enterprise - Open Planet Venture Capital
4:30 PM Tea Break - Networking - Meditation
5:00 Pm New Brain Software thinking for Planet Solutions - Pano Kroko
5:30 PM Venture Ideas to Reality. Sir Ronald Cohen: Venture and Private Equity Leadership
6:30 PM

Coffee break - Networking - Meditation

7:00 PM

Compassion: The greatest Virtue - Simon Keyes

8:00 PM Social Enterprise - Enlightened Capitalism
8:45 PM

One world Music & Film over  Dinner

9:45 PM Party - Networking - Socializing - Fireside chats - Drinks reception
10:45 PM

End of POP Camp Conference 09  Day


Change the World Club 

Name Sales End Price Fee
Speakers - Participants --Contributors --Leaders Ended Free
Friends, Early Bird, Concessions, Non-Profits, Ended £399 £4.95
Corporates, Sponsors, Finance Institutions, PE, Venture, Media, Government, MPs.{Tax Deductible Contributions}   Ended £799 £4.95

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POP conference 2009 : Peace - Change the World Club - Social Enterpreneurship - Faith CoExistence - Environment -Green Private Equity - Pano Kroko


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