1st Changemakers/Changebloggers Meetup

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meetup will be at Buffalo Billiards in the patio room @ 6:30pm. Look forward to tomorrow!


D.C. is known for its robust social media and tech community, that's no doubt. However, many of D.C.'s finest are in the intersection of social media and social good. We call these unique individuals, changemakers. And for those that blog, changebloggers.

Join us as we gather to connect and strengthen our community and show that social media can do, and is achieving, good.

This mean you - whether you work in public health, at a non-profit, volunteer, read about doing good, want to learn how to do more, work in environmental health, further education, etc. This includes you, and your colleagues as we are working to cross sectors and unite as changemakers and changebloggers.


Alex Steed, from NetSquared, is embarking on a 25-city tour to meet with millennial changemakers and shakers. He will be around to listen to how D.C.'s changemakers are making this world a better place, and how they are doing it.

Brazen Careerist Bloggers, many of which are socially forward, will be in attendence to connect with Alex and fellow DC changemakers.

EIGHT Quick Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Invite your friends and colleagues across sectors. We hope to bring together people from communications, advertising, non-profits, government, health practitioners and more, all uniting and crossing sectors to support acheiving social good through social media. Add your blog or Twitter Name to the Changeblogger Wiki
  2. Tweet! Tweet! Share news about the event on your Twitter stream. Follow @changeblogs and use hashtag #changeblogger
  3. Take part in the Changeblogging Meme. Write up a blog post responding to Qui Diaz's meme about the movement. If possible, email socialbutterfly4change@gmail.com, so we can link to your post from this invite.
  4. Reach out. Interview a changemaker or changeblogger in your life, and tell us about them through picture, video and/or words.
  5. Give a shout out from a far. Though you might not be able to attend )due to georgraphic limitations or time conflicts), continue the changemaker/changeblogger spirit in your own community. Join the Changeblogger Facebook Group. Or, connect on the Changeblogger NING group started by Britt Bravo
  6. Always be gracious. Whether you can attend or not, on October 15th, say thanks to a changemaker in your life or a changemaker you've never met but always admired, who do good simply because they want to.
  7. Ideas are great. Suggestions helpful. If you have an idea on how to take this idea further or something you'd like the night to include. Email us (socialbutterfly4change@gmail.com). Suggestions and feedback are great ways to make for a great night.
  8. IF you are so inclined....donations are helpful as depending on the number of people we gather, this will determine where the event is held and what is/can be provided.

Media Coverage:

  • The Buzz Bin: Changeblogging - Let the Meme Begin Qui Diaz highlights the changeblogging movement and rallies the call for chanegbloggers, especially the DC crew, to unite.
  • Have Fun * Do Good - Changeblogger List + Wanna Meetup? Britt Bravo's original blog post coining the changeblogger name.
  • Let the Changeblogging Meme Hit the Road... Beth Kanter is the first to announce that she's donated to Alex Steed's cause and calls for fellow chanegbloggers and others to do the same.
  • Event Announcement and Summary Paul Worsham's DC Piazza team caught up with Qui at Johnny's Par-tay Finale to talk about this event!
  • The Changeblogger Story Alex Rampy gives a re-cap of the Changeblogger movement on her blog SocialButterfly, from its origins to the blogosphere's response.
  • Changemakers. Movers. Shakers Naomi Hirabayashi spreads the news of the changeblogger movement, and calls for NYC folks to join in. Anyone up for planning a NYC Changeblogger event? Let's chat.



  • Alex Rampy: Marketing Maven, Program Power Planner, Contact Liaison
  • Qui Diaz: Marketing Maven and Sponsorship Sista
  • Naomi Hirabayashi: NYC Changeblogger Co-Organizer + Go-Getter
  • Britt Bravo: Mighty Changeblogger and Community Expander
  • ...how about you? what you got?


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