CyberConnections Course: Portion Control

CGC CyberConnections Online Coaching Course

Portion Control - Balancing What's on Your Plate

How many times have you said "I have too much on my plate".  Overloading yourself with tasks with no clear focus or unrealistic deadlines wastes precious time and depletes your invaluable energy!  This program is a time and energy bootcamp to help you control the "portions" you are piling on your "plate".  We will analyze your current time management system and help you do your "to-do" better.  We will help you set boundaries for your time and energy so you can incorporate your authenticity into your everyday activities!

Course Open: October 20, 2008

Course Close: November 16, 2008

Upon registration, complete instructions on how to access the classroom and this couse will be e-mailed to you.

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