Centralized File System Workshop

Everyday, millions of sensitive documents and files are received, saved, monitored and transferred out of an organization. There are security threats and inefficiencies in each stage of file movement. As organizations become more distributed and workforce become more mobile, millions are spent every year upgrading their file systems to centralize management in a bid to tackle problems such as:

How can I ensure the files are free from viruses and other malware?
How can I ensure a secure, speedy, cost-effective and reliable file transfer?
How can I monitor system-wide file transfers in a hassle free manner?
How can I centralize the storage of files?
If there are errors, how can the alerts reach the administrator anytime and anywhere?
If he/she is unavailable, how can I escalate the issue?                                ...and more

At the Centralized File System Workshop, an event hosted by ACW Distribution, our speakers from Expand Networks, SonicWALL and TalariaX will give you meaningful insights into how these problems are resolved, and demo it LIVE to you!  

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