Funding Sources and Processes

The CFO Roundtable is pleased to present a panel discussion on the following topic:

Funding Sources and Funding Processes of Various Stage Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Discussion Description:

Whether you or other attendees are currently involved in an entrepreneurial venture today or not, chances are that sometime during your career you may be involved with one in some capacity. There is always a certain

Amount of fascination associated with entrepreneurial ventures and most business men and women want to learn all that they can about them. While there are many case studies that discuss success and failures, there are

Very few discussions that delve directly into how entrepreneurs get their company’s ready for the funding process and once they are ready for funding, where they go to source appropriate funding for where they are in their particular stage of development as a business. This panel today will be discussing what each of their company’s does to help companies in various stages of grow either get ready for funding or provide help as a funding source. We hope that this will be an informative and highly interactive discussion and that you will walk away with some new information about either funding sources or the funding process so that you may be a resource to a company that you work with or the company that you start some day.


Deborah Cooper, Sr. Marketing & Financial Analyst, Commercial Markets, Liberty Mutual

Ann Murray, Vice President, Solutions Business Development, Financial Services, Dextrys, (formerly DarwinSuzsoft)


Lucinda Linde, Managing Director, Walnut Venture Associates

Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, Founder & CEO, Next Stage Solutions, Inc. 

Lynn Wahlquist, Principal, Next Street Financial

Diane Wolff, Managing Director, High Tech, AccountAbility Outsourcing, Inc.                                                                      


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