CEO Space World Forum Event - Kathy Hadley

CEO SPACE feels more like a trade show than a class or seminar. CEO SPACE employs a unique format and pacing not found in other programs. CEO SPACE curriculum is a significant MBA refresher program in one week9s time. Educational offers of similar duration require investments of from $15,000 to $45,000 for a one time access.

CEO SPACE provides on going support at a fraction of the price point for lifetime membership.

Relationship building between CEOs including important alliance building is created during each week long CEO SPACE event, as another unique format departure.

CEO SPACE is transactional, which fast paced CEO and management teams appreciate, workshops are slower paced by nature.

Experts are on-site to help CEOs develop improved plans all on a one-on-one basis, including better teams as required and resources to execute. Progress accelerates due to the rich contact grid on site at any CEO SPACE event.

CEOs and wealthy company merger acquisition minded executives find CEO SPACE a friendly comfortable environment. Investors like CEO SPACE because the environment works like "investor anonymous". Investors appreciate the diversification into significant hyper growth potentials made possible by on site due dligence direct with company management. Investor completions ranging from modest to very large complex programs have been reported.

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