California Foreclosure Information


Facing Foreclosure? Learn Your Rights and How it Works

By: Kathy McGraw

There are several options that are available to people that have trouble paying their mortgage.

Even if you are embarrassed or don’t have the money to pay what is owed, still open the letters. They have important information, and you can call them and try to work something out.


  • In California there is a process that the Banks have to follow when a Homeowner is behind in payments.

  • Every lender has their own set of guidelines from their Investors, and every situation is unique. It is imperative that if you are in default that you open EVERY piece of mail that comes to you from the Bank.


  • Call or email us to discuss your personal situation, we want to help you save your home.



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***Note: I am not an Attorney and can not, and will not, give legal advice. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California - CA DRE Lic # 01445865





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