Design of Concrete Pavement Overlays for Local Streets and Roads - Fort Worth


Monday, February 9, 2009

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9:00 am - 3:00 pm
(Registration 8:30 am - 9:00 am)

City of Fort Worth, Street Services
5001 James Ave, Conf. Rm 313
Fort Worth, TX 76115

Concrete overlays of existing pavements (asphalt or concrete) are a fast and economical way to utilize your in-place road investment, improve function, eliminate poor ride quality, and increase structural capacity.  Using concrete overlays on existing pavements eliminates the expense of removal/replacement, and allows the old pavement to serve as a base, or an integral part of a new pavement structure.  And concrete overlays can be designed to serve a variety of needs, from a low-cost 5-10 year "stop-gap" improvement, to a 40-year low-maintenance, high-capacity street rehabilitation.

Concrete overlays don't rut or shove, are low maintenance, and last longer than other pavement alternatives.  They are also the most environmentally sustainable solution to pavement rehabilitation.

Learn from key pavement experts, who have years of experience with TxDOT, engineering consultants, and state and national trade associations, on how to select, design and construct the most appropriate concrete overlay solutions for your pavement rehabilitation needs.

These professional engineering experts will answer questions such as:

  • What are the different types of concrete overlays, and what conditions are appropriate for each?
  • Can concrete really overlay an asphalt pavement?
  • How do I design a concrete overlay, and how does the underlying pavement factor into the design?
  • How do I choose among joined-plain, jointed-doweled, jointed-reinforced, and continuously reinforced pavement overlays? 
  • My existing pavements are in really bad shape (potholes, rutting, faulting, etc.)--can I really just overlay these pavements with concrete?
  • What kind of preparation is necessary to prepare the old pavement for an overlay?
  • How do I deal with curb and gutter, manholes, overpasses, and structures when designing and constructing an overlay?
  • Our city has a lot of underground utilities.  What prep do these need prior to overlay? When we need to go back in to service utilities later on, how do we excavate and then repair the overlay?
  • How much does an overlay cost--both now, and over its life-cycle?
  • My city is emphasizing "green" construction and development--are concrete overlays environmentally beneficial?
  • What about specifications and standards--are there good examples I can incorporate?
  • Do local contractors have the skills and experience to construct the concrete overlays?



An Introduction to Concrete Overlays - Rich Rogers, P.E., Cement Council of Texas
Concrete Paving 101 - Dennis Warren, Texas Concrete Pavement Assoc.
Sustainability - Jan Prusinski, P.E., Cement Council of Texas
Concrete Overlays Design: Methods, Pros and Cons - Dr. Cesar Medina, P.E., The Transtec Group
Demonstrating the Cost‐Benefits of Concrete Overlays - Dr. Cesar Medina, P.E., The Transtec Group


 Cost:  Free for Government/Public Agency Employees, $25 all others

Very limited seating - first registered, first served!
Register online or download/fax form

Attendees will receive over $50 worth of hard-copy and electronic publications (on a 2 gb memory stick).  Continental breakfast, beverages and lunch are included.

This course qualifies for five professional development hours (PDHs) for professional engineering and other continuing educational requirements, to be issued by the Cement Council of Texas.

For more information, contact:
Amy Swift
Cement Council of Texas
817-540-4437 office
817-545-7254 fax


Sponsored By:


Cement Council of Texas
Texas Concrete Pavement Association
Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association
City of Fort Worth - Street Services



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