Our Father's World Seminar - Auburn, MA (4/18/2009)

Our Fathers WorldThe Our Father’s World Seminar is a seminar that builds on the content of the book "Our Father's World - Mobilizing the Church to Care for Creation" by Ed Brown, Director of Care of Creation.

This is a 5-hour seminar held on Saturday from 9am - 4pm. 

The intended audience is evangelical Christians who are concerned and perhaps confused about the role that they, and their churches, should be playing in responding to today’s environmental crisis.

Beginning with the Bible’s teaching about God and his world, the seminar will help participants to understand how things they already believe lead to a reasonable and consistent – and nonpolitical – response to environmental issues.

Practical topics include integrating creation care with worship, Christian education and local outreach, the place of creation care in missions, and ways that individuals and families can begin making creation-friendly lifestyle changes.



** Sorry but tickets purchased for this event are non-refundable.


Seminar Synopsis:

Session A: “By Him and For Him: The Meaning of the Universe”

Environmental concern is often described as “stewardship” – and as Christians we agree. Stewardship of the earth is a profoundly Christian concept. But we cannot be effective stewards of creation until we understand what the Creator had in mind. Why did God create creation? What did he have in mind for the human race in that process?

Session B: “Leading the Cosmic Orchestra: A New Perspective on Fall & Redemption”

“Environmental problems are sin problems.” Okay – but what does that mean? From Dr. Seuss’ book, The Lorax, to Jared Diamond’s recent best-seller, Collapse, we’ll see how environmental problems come right out of the sin in our hearts. And we will also begin to understand that God’s redemptive plan is broader and deeper than many of us ever realized. That redemption is reversing the curse of sin throughout all of creation…

Session C: “A Perfect Storm: Today’s Environmental Crisis is Different…”

Environmental problems have dogged the human race for centuries – but the crisis on our doorstep is different. It’s a perfect storm comprised of a world with more human beings than ever before, many of whom are wealthier than ever before, but millions of whom are poorer than ever before. This volatile combination of population, prosperity, poverty and the resulting political turmoil makes for a global crisis that is unprecedented. We will learn that, while climate change grabs the headlines, it is only one small part of a crisis that threatens the future of the human race and many, many of God’s other creatures as well.

Session D: “What Should We Do? Creation Care begins at Home”

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