FREE Career Stimulus Webinar - How to Boost More Sales from eZ-Contact's "New Lead - Follow Up" feature

Are you tired of looking for jobs?

Are you tired of working for anyone?

Are you looking for a part-time income?

If yes to any of the above, you should seriously attend this FREE seminar!


With all time high unemployment rate over 9%, the highest since late 1983, many job seekers are more wary of finding the right jobs in this depressing job market. Many job seekers are thinking outside the box to create their own destiny with new business and other new services.  

During this 50-minute session, Matt Fok, Founder & CEO at will discuss:

• How you can leverage your professional experience to start a new business

• How you can leverage eZ-Contact - "New Lead - Follow-Up" for more sales

• How you can create a powerpoint presentation with audio with FREE tools

eLearningZoom provides the 1st industry all-in-one online training solution for professional trainers and coaches. Matt will explain how these solutions can give you a competitive advantage in building a sustainable sales and customer loyalty. 

Come prepared to discuss your goals and experiences with think-outside-the-box ideas! 

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