CARA Mountain Bike Skills Clinic Level 1A

Level 1 - Foundational skills
These clinics are designed for participants who are new to the sport or feel very uncomfortable when riding off road, at speed on a fire road or on a narrow trail.

We will define the way you ride a bike off-road: how to balance, brake, turn. We will practice the fundamentals skills you need to face most situations while riding on trails. You will learn through a set of workshops reproducing situations you will face on trails.

Already experienced riders will get a lot out of the clinics too. We will bring you a new way of understanding your riding abilities.


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This Clinic:

Clinic Level 1-A  - Fundamentals of mountain biking - 3 hours / half day

On Saturday February 14th at 8:45am at Arastradero Open Space Reserve - visitor carpark. The Clinic will start at 9am

Learn to get your balance right in almost any situation: work on your posture. Explore your braking: eliminate skidding, practice brake balance, climb and go down steep trails, manage tight turns and fast turns even on steep slopes.

This clinic is workshop-oriented. We will move from spot to spot and practice one skill at a time. You will gradually combine the skills and rapidly engage in more difficult situations. The terrain we have chosen for Level 1 is free of hidden hazards, providing a safe environment for you to experiment and push yourself.


" Learning Julien's MTB breaking technique has completely  changed my riding style.  I can ride more aggressively, yet stay in control.  And that was just his beginner class. "  Hani Juha




We highly recommend you to also participate in the next clinic – Level 1B. We will run L1B within 2 to 3 weeks from level 1A clinic. Level 1B clinic focuses on: Taking impacts; riding over rough surfaces and obstacles; climbing up and down steps, and switch backs.



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Equipment Requirements:

You must have a mountain bike in perfect working order. Please get your bike checked prior to the course—we don’t want you to be held back by your bike not working properly.
Brakes and gears must work perfectly. Suspension - if any - must be in working order (not blocked nor flat).

Tires: the bike must be equipped with off-road tires. NO slicks or tires with very low profile.
Pedals: if you are not used to SPDs (clipless pedals) we encourage you to ride with regular pedals (platform pedals or BMX pedals) and trainers. Do not wear bike shoes with regular pedals, avoid toeclips / pedal straps.

A HELMET (mandatory, we will not let you ride without one) with fastening straps snugly adjusted - please make necesaary adjustments before the clinic.
Long fingered gloves.
A rucksack containing: drinks, rain shell if it is likely to rain.
Clothes adapted to weather conditions that day.

Other equipment
1 spare inner tube matching your tire and wheel size.

We highly recommend that you bring:
A long sleeved top and trousers compatible with cycling.
Protective pads - knee/shin guards and elbow pads.
Cycling/sport glasses.

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Additional information will be sent you by e-mail upon registration. We will be happy to answer your question sent at


clinic program - Equipment Requirements - contact - Terms - Fees - Clinic Finder


Terms, Policies, Agreements

Start Time / Late participants
The clinic starts on time. Participants should be ready to roll at the clinic start time designated above - bikes must be fully assembled, cars closed, packs full and ready. Please be present 10 to 20 minutes earlier in order to be ready on time.
The organizers / instructors are not responsible for late participants. People arriving after the group have left the meeting point / start are responsible for finding the group on their own and at their own risk. They will be considered as clinic's participants as soon as they have signed the liability weaver.

Skills level
All participants must have agreed and understood the skill/experience level requirement stated below before engaging in a clinic.
We are not responsible for the disparity of levels between participants and the related delays it may cause. We are asking all participant to be fair with other participants of higher or lower skills. We reserve the right to conduct the clinic at a pace suitable for the majority of participants.

Minimum / maximum attendance policy
The clinics will run with a maximum of 6 participants for 1 instructor. A minimum of 3 participants are required to run the clinic. If the minimum attendance isn’t met, private clinics at discounted prices ($25 off) will be offered on the same date or participants will be rescheduled on the next date and given a $15 discount on any skills clinics (including private coaching). Rescheduled participants may decline the offers within 5 days from the initial booking date and will be fully refunded.

Weather policy
The clinics will run during rainy weather. However they may be rescheduled in case of exceptionally bad weather conditions. Participants may be notified as late as the day before the clinic at 8 p.m.
Clinics cancelled for extreme weather reasons are rescheduled ASAP (within 2 weeks) and are not refunded. Participants who can’t make it to the rescheduled clinic are offered a $20 discount on private coaching, or can participate in the next 2 clinics following the rescheduled clinic for an extra $20.

Clinic interruption / cancelation
The lead instructor may decide to interrupt and cancel a clinic to guarantee the safety of one, some or all participants
(e.g. obvious hazards, accidents). A clinic interrupted for safety reasons before half time will be rescheduled at no cost within 3 weeks. Clinics cancelled in the hour following the half time will be compensated with a $25 discount on the next clinic of your choice.

Registration Cancelation / Refund policy
The No Charge Cancelation deadline is before 6pm, 4 days prior to the clinic. The organizer must be notified by e-mail ( After this deadline, any cancelation will be considered a Late Cancelation.
(E.g. If the clinic is on Saturday you must cancel on Tuesday before 6pm by e-mail).

A Late Cancelation is charged 50% of the clinic’s participation fee. A $10 discount will be given on your next booking. The Late Cancelation deadline is 6pm on the day before the clinic; after 6 pm, the participant will be charged in full. A $10 discount will be given on the next clinic of the same level or private coaching.

Participants who arrive late or are absent (for any reason) will not be refunded. However, they will receive a $10 discount on the next available clinic of the same level or private coaching.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the clinic prior to the due date. All participants will be refunded in full.

In the event of a cancelation on the event day, the clinic will be rescheduled ASAP. Participants may choose to be refunded in full. By choosing to be rescheduled, a $20 discount voucher will be awarded to each participant on their next clinic purchase.

In the event of a refund, the participant is responsible for providing adequate banking information for a money transfer. All transfer charges will at the participant's expense.

Discount policy
Discounts are not cumulative. They apply for one designated clinic in accordance of the conditions acquired for the discount.

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Fees and discounts

We're offering these special rates for our first season only - fees will increase this summer!
Complete Clinic Descriptions will soon
be available online at

Clinics Level 1 - 2:30 to 3+ hours each
$90 per participant for each session. $100 if booked within 3 days preceding the clinic’s date

Clinic Level 2 - 2:30 to 3+ hours each
$90 per participant for each session. $100 if booked within 3 days preceding the clinic’s date

Clinic level 3 - 2 or 3 hours each
$90 per participant for each session of 2 hours. +$40/extra hour/participant. $100 for initial 2 hours if booked within within 3 days preceding the clinic’s date.

Private coaching
$140 for 2 hours session + 60$/hour

Duo coaching
$120 per participant 2 hours session + $50 per hour per participant

Adventure Racing Team Special (3 or 4 people)
$90 per participant, 2 hours session, + $50 per participant for the next 1 to 3 hours (rides).


clinic program - Equipment Requirements - contact - Terms - Fees - Clinic Finder


Which clinic is right for you?

Please read the statements below, match them to your own experience and find out which clinic is the most suitable for your needs.

Level 1 -
You want to get a good foundation to get into mountain biking - for Adventure Racers and general riders.
You are new to mountain biking or you've never really ridden on small trails before.
You are reluctant to ride on single tracks and narrow trails.
You fall often without understanding the cause.
You are on the brakes most of the time while riding down a fire road.
You are skidding all over the place when it’s steep.
Your can’t go straight going up steep slopes.

Level 2 -

You go on a mountain bike ride at least once a month.
You feel OK going down steep slopes as long as it's not rough or curvy.
You have some blocks: can’t get switch backs right, can’t get over rough or steep sections on regular trails, you feel tense when the trail becomes narrow and the sides are steep.
You feel pain in your forearms on long downhills.
You are getting off the bike to go over a log or steps.
You are going over the bar from time to time (every 10 rides).
You want to learn to bunny-hop obstacles.

Level 3 -
You are comfortable in almost any situation - you're going for it in difficult situations and are rarely crashing.
You would like to get faster and more competitive on difficult terrain.
You still feel tense going on rough or steep sections.
You want to get your AR team to a unified level of skill.
You want to enjoy your riding more (i.e: go faster on downhill and get a kick that boosts your energy during a race!)

Specials: One on One, Duo, AR team
Customized clinics. All levels welcome.


clinic program - Equipment Requirements - contact - Terms - Fees - Clinic Finder

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