C2E: Creating Plone 3 Skins and Custom Views

"We hired Donna to come train and consult our web team in the College of Public Programs. Our group is very diverse, including exprienced graphical designers, web programmers, and inexperienced office workers who were tasked with keeping web content updated. Donna was great and tackling and solving problems, finding solutions and making recommendations. Her experience and connections with the plone community were invaluable to us in helping our diverse user group better manage their various plone sites."

David Bear, College of Public Programs at ASU

About the course

C2E: Creating Plone 3 Skins and Custom Views is a 3 day course where we will start with a standard photoshop file and convert it to a Plone template including adding/hiding/removing viewlets and adding portlets (portlet management).  

Course Information

Course fee: $400.00
Length of course: Three days

(Once you have registered you will be added to a private course mailing list and a syllabus and other information for the course will be provided)


This course is designed for the integrator/designer tasked with converting the Plone look & feel to a company or organization branded look & feel.

You will benefit from this course if you are comfortable with the design aspect of web development and not afraid of the command line. This course is not designed for the developer/programmer looking for advanced Plone development techniques. 

What you will learn from this course

  • Intimate knowledge of Plone and the Zope Management Interface (ZMI)
  • How to create a custom installable Plone skin based on a static mockup
  • Creating custom views for various content types
  • Viewlets, portlets and xml
  • CSS, lots and lots of CSS
  • Up-and-coming third-party tools to help make your customization job easier
  • Troubleshooting and how to ask for help when you get stuck


  • Reduce the learning curve associated with customizing a Plone site
  • Immediate access to expert knowledge in both CSS and Plone skinning
  • Discover best practices in the Plone community
  • Insider tips & tricks from experts in Plone customization


Students must have some background in html and preferably have worked with Plone in some capacity.

You'll need a laptop computer as this will be a hands-on course.

About the Instructor

Donna M Snow started her love affair with Plone in 2002. A long-time community member and evangelist for Plone Ms. Snow spends 95% of her time converting static designs into Plone skin products.  Ms. Snow has provided onsite training for many organizations in the Bay Area and nationwide.


Name Sales End Price Fee
Student - Special Price Ended $400 $9.95

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