Let Me Show You How I Can Bring Business Credit To Your Business And Take Away Your Money Woes.

 Hi I’m Elroye; I specialize in raising money for small business owners.

 This teleseminar will explain  how to raise money for your business.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to raise money for your business

 1. You will double your sources of money for your business.  Now you have your personal credit funding your business.   So when you set up your business credit you will double the funds available to you.

 2. You can go after government contracts that you have to wait three to five months before you are paid.  The upside is the government is the largest client ever.

 3. You can expand your business operations, by adding on more profit centers because you will have money to finance projects you couldn’t before.

 4. Peace of mind that you know the business will be able to stand on its own and you will not have to come out of your pocket to finance a down turn.

 5. When you want to sell your business and retire to a tropical paradise the value of your business could be as much as 10 times higher than if you did not have business credit.

 Who are you gonna call when you have to:

  • Build $50,000 in Business Credit in 120 days
  • Separate business from personal credit?
  • Comply with the government and credit reporting agencies?
  • Access continuous rounds of business financing?
  • Release what's holding you back from using business credit?
  • Get your company in compliance with lenders and credit reporting agencies.
  • Apply for and get business credit trade accounts
  • Establish or check your Dun & Bradstreet business credit account and Paydex score.
  • Apply for business credit cards and lines of credit

 Obliviously call me to raise money for your business so you can stop suffering and start building your business financials.

 You create the company and I will create the financing to your business, hassle free.

 Make financial magic!

 Does that make sense to you?  I’m I the “right fit” for you and your business?

 Get on my Business Credit conference Call with Elroye Jones

This conference call is the answer to your business credit problems.

Where You Learn the Truth About These Myths

 Myth # 1. You must pay Dun & Bradstreet to set up your Business Credit Account

Myth # 2. It’s very difficult, time consuming and costly to get a high Paydex score

Myth # 3. Who knows what you need to qualify for business credit

Myth # 4. You don’t need business credit when you have good personal credit

Myth # 5. Nobody knows what lenders are looking for except lenders

Myth # 6. You don’t need personal credit to establish business credit

Myth # 7. It cost too much to improve your personal credit

Myth # 8. It’s best not to incorporate your business when you first start

Myth # 9. Why should I waste my time with store or trade credit when all I really need is a line of credit from a bank.

Myth # 10. Once I get business credit it will be easy to spend wisely


This course prepares you for:

Major credit card

Office supply account

Store credit cards

Take this preview seminar so you will love my business credit and money raising activities a month or so from now when you

 SEE your business credit take shape in front of your eyes

 HEAR them rave about how well you operate your business

 FEEL satisfied in having found a solution to your financial miseries

 THINK this is the way to run a business

 KNOW that you have discovered the absolutely best way to raise money for your business ever

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October 30, 2008



About Elroye

Using other people’s money to work for your business can be done using a number of strategies.  Let me help you find the best way to use business credit for your situation and the stage your business is in currently.  I have a system to help clients increase their revenue to help cover the cost of borrowing business credit.  If you are going to borrow using business credit let me show you how to calculate your projected profits so you will make realistic plans to pay back the money.

 Elroye Jones, of ElroyeJones.com, helps small business owners separate personal from business credit.  to do in funding a business. 




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