Business Credit Boot Camp for Women Small Business Owners

Women business owners

Attention Women Small Business Owners!

Here's How You Can Quickly and Easily get an Extra $50,000, $100,000, $150,000 or more in your bank account right now...With Little Use of Your Personal Credit!”

A Special Notice to All Established Businesses & Start Ups…

1-day Business Credit Boot Camp for Women Small Business Owners: To be held every 60-days in Philadelphia. Author & Business Credit Expert Anthony B. Miles will reveal everything and I mean everything about building unsecured business credit lines! However the Boot Camp size is limited to 25 participants so sign-up today!

"I have been following your program for over 14 months now and have over $114,000 in unsecured business credit lines for my Real Estate Deals. Anthony has built a foolproof system!"

-Sharon M.
Real Estate Investor

"I now have the ability to take my practice to the next level. Thanks to you guys I was able to secure over $55,000 in unsecured business credit lines."

-Dr. Archima M.
Eye Care

Dear Small Business Owner:

Now for the first time ever you will be able discover all the secrets on how to get thousands of dollars in business credit lines, which will be in the name of your company! You will never have to jeopardize your own personal credit or assets again!

By the way in case you’re not familiar with cash that is available in a bank line of credit. You are provided with a check book by the bank or credit union that is used to spend or invest the money that is available in your bank line of credit.

Now let me ask you this…

What would you do if you had an extra $50,000, $100,000, or $150,000 in your bank account right now? Would you buy that equipment your business desperately needs? Would you pay off some of those business bills you put on your personal credit cards? Launch an advertising campaign to bring in more business? Buy that commercial building you've been eyeing?

Our Boot Camp will show you STEP BY STEP how to get all the credit your business needs!

The Saturday Boot Camp is for all women small business owners who want business credit lines, but don’t know where to get started. The program starts at 9am and goes until 4pm.  Anthony will stay as long as necessary until all questions are answered and everyone is comfortable and empowered to get the cash they need.


9 AM - 12 PM :: The morning session begins with an intro to getting corporate and business credit with insights on what you really need to do to get it. As well as how to get:

·     Equipment Leases

·     Credit Lines from Vendors

·     List of where to apply for credit and when

·     How to get an 80 Paydex Score

·     Auto Leases/Purchase in your companies name

·     Business Credit Cards

·     Money for real estate

·     and More!

All of it step by step; just follow the plan. You will be able to finance anything once you have good business credit.


12 PM - 1 PM ::  Immediately after the morning you will take part in a networking lunch. At this time, you will have a unique opportunity to network and learn, develop relationships, share new ideas and discuss the challenges facing women small business owners.

1 PM - 4 PM :: The afternoon session is all about business lines of credit from banks and creating working capital. Everything online business credit companies don't want you to know and more will be revealed, including what the banks are looking for on your application and in your accounts. And you know what? It's not what you think! This is very valuable information to you.

You'll discover how to create multiple lines of credit from $20k - $100k or more, over and over again! And you'll be given a timeline when to anticipate such lines.

Here’s what you are going to discover at our Boot Camp:

·     Anthony’s simple step by step secrets to getting tons of vendor, business and bank credit!

·     How to get an 80 Paydex Business Credit Score, which is like a 750 FICO

·     You'll know how to always get all the money you will need for any business you have now or may want to start

·     How to prevent being "Flagged" or rated "High Risk" by Dun & Bradstreet. It will happen if your credit hungry.

·     How bank credit lines could be used to buy real estate!

·     Anthony’s “Preferred Bank List" of where to apply for loans or lines of credit, and when

·     How to create more Cash Flow and Working Capital for your businesses

  • Anthony’s business credit newsletter, emailed to you as important information develops, i.e. a lender who might have temporarily loosened credit guidelines!

·     How to get car loans or leases in your company name with no social security number

·     6 practical exercises to help you create a no-fail, proven business credit acquisition plan of action.

And much more (not disclosed here, but you need it)!  Attend to find out what it is...

Amazingly, the techniques and strategies you'll learn are simple enough to be implemented by beginners...yet powerful enough to satisfy even seasoned business owners. There are business credit consultants out there who charge as much as $7,000 for advice that isn't nearly as effective. Why pay them all that hard-earned money when you can get Anthony for one full day for a fraction of the price?

The Business Credit Boot Camp is very simply the most comprehensive, easily implemented step-by-step business credit training program available anywhere, at any price!

WARNING: This boot camp is reserved ONLY for people who are completely serious about learning world-class, powerful and very time-efficient business credit techniques.

This kind of training is definitely not for everyone. You really should NOT attend if you're not serious about getting the capital your business needs.


Anthony B. Miles has an absolutely incredible story on how he lost everything by using personal credit to finance his smooth jazz concert business in the early 90’s and went on to build a multi-million dollar ice cream enterprise and commercial real estate holdings using this blueprint!

You must hear his story about how he got one of his mentee’s $100K from a local bank in less than 45-days. This once almost bankrupt guy went on to literally raise over 39 million dollars in unsecured business credit lines for his private group of individuals he personally mentors in less than 2 years. Anthony is living the dream of every investor/entrepreneur in America!!

Anthony has dedicated his life to using his gifts and talents to help others. Brands created by Anthony include: Death to Debt: Anthony’s 7-step Battle plan, Everything You Wanted To Know About Credit But Were Too Ashamed To Ask, Business Credit Booster™ 12-month Mentoring Program, Business Credit Boot Camp™ for Women Small Business Owners, Business Credit Boot Camp for Women Real Estate Investors and 24-month Commercial Real Estate Apprentice Program.

Don't Miss Out!

This will be your only chance to obtain a firsthand perspective on the hottest trends, freshest thinking and leading opportunities to secure capital for your business. We urge you to enroll today to ensure your place.

Register today and you'll also get these Special Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

A ten minute personal telephone consultation with Anthony (a $58 Value!). Have questions about anything concerning business credit? You can talk one-on-one with Anthony himself for ten minutes - at no charge!

A coupon for $325 off Anthony's 12-month Business Credit Mentoring Program! As if you aren't getting enough priceless information in this Boot Camp, Anthony invites you to enroll in his 12-month Mentoring Program at an amazing $325 savings!

That's over $350 in bonuses, yours absolutely free! I think you'll agree that this is an incredible offer.

But amazingly, it gets even better!

You'll also get Additional Savings with Our Introductory Special Offer -- IF You Register Today!

The Business Credit Boot Camp will normally be offered for the remarkably affordable price of $597 -- definitely a worthwhile investment, especially when you consider the thousands of dollars in funding you'll be able to secure thanks to the priceless information it contains.

We could have easily charged much more -- after all, this training session can get you
$50,000, $100,000, $150,000 or more in business credit lines
and save you a tremendous amount of time and wasted effort. But Anthony has dedicated his life to helping small business owners meet their funding objectives at an affordable price.

Even Better Offer: During our introductory period only, you can grab your seat for this Boot Camp -- and over $350 worth of bonuses -- for a limited-time only price of just $397!

This special price is only available to our first 15 women small business owners. After that, it goes back up to the regular price (still a tremendous bargain, I'm sure you'll agree).

P.S. Hurry! This offer is strictly limited to the first 15 women small business owners to respond

Name Price Fee
Boot Camp Tuition - Business Owners -First 15 Registrations   $397 $9.93
Boot Camp Tuition - Business Owners - Regular Price $597 $9.95