Certain Solutions for Uncertain Times

Certain Solutions for Uncertain Times

Insights, information, and tools for success in today’s business climate.

October 2, 2008

The Conference Center at Bentley College 
LaCava enter

Registration & Networking 8:45 AM

Program Begins 9:30 AM
Lunch Served 12:25 PM
Program Ends 4:45 PM

Join the BusinessAdvantage experts for a day of learning how your business can grow – even in today’s challenging business climate. More than ever before, customers are examining how they will spend their money.  If you do not clearly articulate your value and differentiation, why should prospects choose you?  What can you do to ensure that they will?
Get the answers in this one-day BusinessAdvantage Seminar. This seminar will provide you with the expertise to build on your strengths and take advantage of today’s business climate. You will walk away with insights, fresh ideas and tools for success today.

You will learn how to:

  • Have a strong company identity that draws customers to you.
  • Improve your business today, and build a more powerful foundation for the future.
  • Take advantage of changes and challenges. 
  • Know the value you provide and be compensated for it.
  • Increase customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Decrease your cost of sales.
  • Implement a process to reach your goals more quickly.
  • Inspire yourself, your employees, and your customers.

What you will cover
Identity:  Create a strong brand and use it  
Are you proud of the company identity you show to the world?  Do your employees, customers, and vendors readily “know” you?  Your company is special.  You are different than any other company, and that difference is why your customers choose you.  This session will talk about the importance of a strong corporate identity, key factors in building one, and actions you can take today to your benefit your bottom line  
Value-Based Pricing: How to get paid what you are really worth     
Companies often under-value their service, yet people believe that they get what they pay for; so what are you telling your customers?  When you align price with value delivered, both you and your customers benefit. Value-Based Pricing will enable your company to become more profitable than with cost or competitive based pricing methodologies.  This session will explain the fundamentals of Value-Based Pricing and provide specific techniques for implementation in your business.  
A Visionary Strategy:  The better way to succeed    
We all know that our businesses could benefit from an organized plan and better focus, but who has the time?  Is strategy an afterthought rather than an integral part of your business operation?  Companies with a vision and organized strategy make the most of change and are more successful, usually with less effort.  This session will provide an overview of visionary planning methodologies and steps to get your company on the road to your vision right now.
Customer Loyalty Equals Company Success: CRM makes it easy    
In today’s economy, a key indicator of a successful business is customer loyalty. A CRM system provides the toolset to mine your data, enable you to be more targeted with your marketing efforts, create more business opportunities, and retain your customers. This session will show how a CRM application can make a difference to your business, and set you apart from your competitors.   

Getting it Done:  Achieving goals for your company, your employees, and yourself     
Do you ever walk out of seminars with useful information, and then fail to implement your valuable new ideas?  To ensure that you profit from what you have learned, this session will teach you straightforward techniques for achieving goals -  for your company, your employees, and yourself.  In this session you will see how a few techniques can help ensure motivation and success for the whole company.     

Featured Speakers:
Beverly Jorgensen; Principal; Peak Data + Design
Robert McKay Jones; President; Transportation Resources, Inc.
Lisa Hamaker; Principal; Kaliday Marketing
Ross D. Jones; SVP Sales Engineering; BrainSell Technologies, LLC
Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D; True Focus Coaching 

BusinessAdvantage Seminars are prepared and presented by expert professionals in the fields of marketing, strategy, business identity, customer loyalty, and coaching and goal achievement.  Each seminar is designed to inspire you and provide tools for you to build on your company’s success.

Sponsored by Transportation Resources, Inc. 

Name Sales End Price
Seminar Registration   Ended $129.99
Registration and Seminar Video DVD   Ended $159.99

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