Bumblebees Fly: The First of a Workshop Series

Bumblebees Fly: A Workshop Series

Why We Can Succeed In This Economy
Even When They Tell Us We Can't

The bumblebee flies because it believes it can, despite having wings that scientists say are too short.

The workshop presentations will urge the audience not to be discouraged by the rhetoric about how bad the economy is, and therefore how difficult it is to succeed in business. Instead, the speakers will describe the potential for success that exists even in a recession for those who think positively and work to take advantage of the opportunities.

Presenting Three of the Bay Area's
Most Insightful Speakers

Marilyn Ellis - Called "America's Organizer Coach", Marilyn is known worldwide as an authority on future opportunities in business. She is a professional speaker, professional organizer, and Certified Life Coach. Founder of Lighthouse Organizers, LLC, Marilyn is the author of two books, "What Do You Want Your Business To Do For You?", and "How To Succeed In Your First Year As An Entrepreneur." In her presentation, "Future Trends/Future Opportunities In Business ", Marilyn will address these three points:

1. What will the world look like by 2025?
2. What kinds of business opportunities lie ahead for the future?
3. Get inspired and empowered to act on these future trends now!


Karan Dhillon - Karan is the president of Sales Partners, San Francisco, and is a successful business coach, sales trainer, and motivational speaker. Karan's broader mission is to elevate the financial well-being of people all over the world through financial and business education. He says the key to success is to ask yourself "How big is my game?" The title of Karan's presentation is "Your Business: Create A Lifestyle, Not A Life Sentence." Karan will address these three questions:

1. Which type of business makes the most money, and how do you develop such a business?
2. What is the number one skill in business and how do you master it?
3. How do you take your business from Invisible to Power?

John Kamp - John is CEO and president of The Business Kamp, a highly successful business consulting practice. With over 18 years of broad industry exposure, both domestic & global, John has worked with businesses from small private companies to F-500 goliaths, focusing on Business Development, Workflow Management and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). John's passion for helping others succeed has made him a sought-after business consultant and coach, compelling public speaker, and gifted motivator. He also is the current president of the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. John's presentation is titled "What's Your Story?"
during which he will address these four issues:

1. Can't vs. Can
2. Impossible vs. Possible
3. Measure, Monitor, Manage
4. Execute for Success

This is the first in a planned series of workshops and seminars by The Outsource Resource designed to provide Bay Area companies with business and financial skills critical to business success.

TUESDAY, MAY 12th, 2009
8: AM - NOON
Pacific Business Center, Pleasant Hill

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