BizTalk 2009 - End to end performance testing


BizTalk is an immensely powerful product, but with great power comes great responsibility! This session is essential viewing for anyone rolling out BizTalk in their organization. End to end performance testing is one of the most neglected areas within any enterprise application deployment.



Many people who use BizTalk Server within their organization neglect performance testing as they feel that Microsoft has already built a scalable messaging infrastructure. While this is true, it is important to consider that your application consists of many parts which will include custom built components as well as those provided by Microsoft.

It is impossible for the BizTalk Product Group to performance test every possible combination of these components; therefore it is critical that as part of any deployment you fully and properly performance test your application. For the last 4 years the BizTalk Customer Advisory Team has successfully conducted performance labs on the largest implementations of BizTalk in mission critical environments. Examples include the well publicized Santander proof of concept in which the team was able to achieve performance of over 1100 Orchestrations per second.


In this session we will introduce the BizTalk Performance Testing Guidance. This guide contains a fully documented end to end process that you can follow to achieve consistent results in your BizTalk performance testing. In addition to this we have packaged up all of the prescriptive optimizations that have been applied during the Ranger team's labs.

Many of these have been automated through Powershell and SQL Scripts to enable you to quickly and easily attain the optimum performance from your system. This session will provide a full interactive run through of the performance lab process.

It will illustrate the tools and techniques and documentation that we use and are documented in the guide. Also learn about performance lab characteristics on BizTalk Server 2006 R2, BizTalk 2009 (physical) and BizTalk 2009 on Hyper-V platform.


About Paolo Salvatori

I was born on 9th october 1969 in Pisa, the city of the leaning tower placed right in the heart of Tuscany. In 1988 I finished the high school with the maximum degree (60/60) and in 1993 I graduated with the maximum degree in Informatic Sciences at the University of Pisa. I had my military service as a Navy Officer (1 year and 3 monthes) then I started to work on January 1995 in Unisys. I joined Microsoft on 12th october of 1997 as an evangelist. After a couple of years I decided to move to a new role so I started to work in the Services Division where I spent 8 years as a developer and architect. On July 2007 I joined the Connected Systems Division to cover the role of EMEA BizTalk Ranger.


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