Borrow Smart University - Course 1 (Course 1 of a 3 course series)

“Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage.” – Arie de Gues

Borrow Smart University is 12 hours in 3 classes over 3 months, with coaching calls in between…and it is online.  No travel time, no travel expense! Each class and coaching call is recorded and available in case you miss a session or just for your review.


You can enroll now for all 3 BSU classes or pay as you go.  Here is what you get:


-      Complimentary enrollment at the Coach Level of KendallTodd’s Borrow Smart Platform®, a $444 value in itself.

-      The Borrow Smart Conversation®, a 30 minute PowerPoint to present to clients 1:1, including speakers notes, pre-recorded web training, marketing materials, best practices, a QuickStart Guide and more…

-      The Borrow Smart Software®, a sophisticated but easy to use online application for comparing current liabilities to new, money saving alternatives and modeling your own mortgage scenarios.

-      Your own copy of the acclaimed Borrow Smart Retire Rich book by Todd Ballenger, Chancellor, National Institute of Financial Education and the principal instructor of BSU.  A $29 value. Todd’s book sold over 16,000 copies before being picked up by


In addition, you get 12 more hours of coaching calls by Tom Griffith, KT’s Global Learning Director.  Tom is a 29 year industry veteran whose mortgage brokerage has generated over $300 million in mortgage revenue in the last 4 years.  The calls are for one hour each week, and they give you the opportunity to present cases, ask questions specific to your market, and have the benefit of ongoing training from an expert in using the Borrow Smart Platform®.


Not quite convinced?  Listen here to what another recent graduate had to say about the coaching calls.  If you have any questions about the value of BSU to you, please call Larry Herst at 919.688.8222 or email

Name Sales End Price
New Students   Ended $97
Mentors   Ended $100
BSU Graduates   Ended $150

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