Design Your Life Brunch _DC

womenAt this brunch, we will be talking about intentionally crafting and nurturing the life you want to live instead of leaving things to chance. We will discuss techniques to:

  • Move past the Big 3 obstacles that can get in your way:
    • learned helplessness,
    • fear and
    • a lack of planning,
  • Consciously create success across all areas of your life, instead of just focusing on one or two,
  • Map the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

We will also discuss how to acknowledge and overcome the resistance that will often sprout up any time you are making a change.

This event is FREE, but registration is mandatory.

This event is hosted by Participate In Your Greatness, LLC. as part of the personal development system we have recently added to our suite of products and services.

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