A Framework for a Better Future: The promise of social business

Rt Hon. Lord Neil Kinnock (Chair, British Council) and Martin Davidson CMG (Chief Executive, British Council) invite you to

A Framework For A Better Future: The power of social business, a British Council 75th anniversary lecture delivered by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank.

In his lecture for the British Council's Talking without Borders series Professor Muhammad Yunus will argue that the global economic crisis presents an opportunity to build a more inclusive financial system capable of assigning poverty to the annals of the past.

Friday May 29 2009 - RIBA


1115 Refreshments

1200 Lecture followed by Q&A

1315 Refreshments

1400 Event ends


Chair: Rt Hon. Lord Neil Kinnock

Supported by University of Reading 


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