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Learning Digital Photography
• Level 2 - Composition

This is Day Two of Photography Boot Camp -

Framing your subject can focus your viewerOnce you've learned to make a good exposure you'll want to arrange your subject matter appropriately. That's what we commonly refer to as Composition, and that's what this day-long seminar is all about.

The first 3 hours are in the classroom, then we'll take a 3-hour excursion so you will have hands-on practice with what you've learned. Class size is significantly limited to assure personalized attention when we are out shooting.

What you'll learn in this class

I'll teach you how to compose your images in such a way that your viewers will be captivated and you'll be able to command their interest. We'll discuss ways of improving your images so you can truly take them from being snapshots to being real photographs. Your friends will be waiting for you to come back from trips so they can see your photos, and they'll really enjoy seeing them.

This seminar is geared towards providing you with the concepts of composition so you'll be able to effectively communicate your subject to your viewers (without you being there to guide them through your albums). Here's some of the many topics we'll discuss:

  • Depth-of-Field - The first element of composition.
  • Rule of Thirds - A place for everything and everything in it's place.
  • Framing - Bring out the best of your subject while you focus your viewers' interest.
  • Balance - Making sure your viewer feels comfortable looking at your photos.
  • Mergers - Avoiding the ones you should and creating the ones you need.
  • Simplicity - Yeah, you know, that old principle... Keep it simple...
  • Perspective - Bringing your viewer into the scene you want them to experience.

Elk Falls Wind Energy ProjectThis is just an outline of the topics we'll discuss. We'll discuss how you can bring all the features of your camera together to create the photograph you really want. You'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered in a way that will be meaningful.

We're going to talk about photographing your friends and family, your pets, your car, your house, nature, and just about anything that you might want to photograph. If you have a camera I encourage you to bring it along so you can get practice on your own camera as we move through these topics. If you have a tripod you should bring it too. There are times where you'll want to do shots where you'll need that stability.

This seminar will last about 6 hours with a 1-hour lunch break at noon. Please come prepared with a notepad as you may want to take notes on some our discussion. Be prepared to be outside for 3 hours (weather permitting) and bring water, shoes, etc. and dress appropriately.


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