SKILLS EVENT: 4/14 Non-Fiction Book Writing Seminar with Jen Sincero

Write Your Book Already!
Have you been talking about writing a book for months?  Years?  All of eternity?
Do you need guidance on where to start and what to do?
Have you never written a damn thing in your life?
On April 14th, bestselling author and coach Jen Sincero will walk you through all the steps to getting your nonfiction book published.  She'll cover all the parts and pieces of a nonfiction book proposal*, explain what agents and editors do, how to find them and why you need them, go over the process of getting published and how to promote yourself once you do.  She'll also cover the basics of self-publishing and Ebooks.
*(When it comes to non-fiction, unlike fiction, agents and editors want to see a book proposal, not the entire book, before they sign on.)  
Having a real live book with your name on it can help you get speaking engagements, expert credibility, more clients, free publicity, movie deals, a lovesick horde of dedicated fans and much more.
Jen Sincero is the bestselling author of The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks and the semi-autobiographical novel Don't Sleep With Your Drummer.  She is also a coach and a leader for SmartyLA in Los Angeles.  Jen is currently teaching an 8 week tele-class called How To Write and Sell Your Nonfiction Book Proposal that will leave you with an agent-ready book proposal in 8 weeks.  For more information on her/her class, please visit:

Free for Members and $20 for guests.

*Check in begins at 6:30pm



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