You are invited to sign up for the FREE 'Be Your Own Boss' Programme 2009.

The 'Be Your Own Boss' 2009/2010 programme is funded by HEFCE under the Economic Investment Challange Fund (ECIF).

This course is offered free to anyone who may be thinking of starting their own business or simply want to develop their skills for their personal development and career progression. So if you are a recent graduate, recently made redundant or unemployed this is a great opportunity for you. We are also offering the sessions online later this year.

There is no limit to the number of topics you can attend. However, upon completion of six sessions (with a minimum of three classroom based sessions) and submission of a viable business plan, you will be issued with a Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

Name Price
Market Research & Marketing- Date: 25/09/09 Time: 2-5pm   Free
Market Research & Marketing- Date: 25/09/09 Time: 6-9pm   Free
Business Planning- Date: 02/10/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
Business Planning- Date:02/10/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
Presentation Skills- Date:0910/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
Presentation Skills- Date:09/10/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
E-Commerce 'An introduction to E-marketing'- Date:16/10/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
E-Commerce - 'An introduction to E-Marketing'- Date:16/10/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
Successful Selling Skills- Date:23/10/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
Successful Selling Skills- Date:23/10/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
First Steps to Business-Date: 30/10/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
First Steps to Business- Date:30/10/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
Financial Management-Date: 6/11/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
Financial Management- Date:06/11/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
Protecting your Idea- Date:13/11/09 Time:2-5pm   Free
Protecting your Ideas- Date:13/11/09 Time:6-9pm   Free
Waiting List - For information on online programme   Free
Waiting List for information on the new 'Be Your own Boss' programme in 2010   Free

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