SCA Tissue Health Screenings - see Event Details below for Registration instructions

To register, simply use the following steps:

1. Select a time slot that works for you.
2. Click on the quantity drop down menu and select the number "1".
3. Click "Register Now" at the bottom of the page.
4. Enter your name and e-mail address when prompted.
5. Enter your appointment into your Calendar

Health Screenings
Knowing your numbers is the first step toward making a healthy lifestyle change. To help you get started, SCA has teamed up with Preventure to provide on-site Health Screenings for all SCA employees. 

Know Your Numbers
Preventure is sending a team of wellness professionals to your Sales Meeting where they will provide you with a quick, accurate reading of your blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and a partial lipid profile of your cholesterol levels.  No fasting is necessary for these screenings.

Know Your Risks
You will also have the opportunity to take a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to help give you a better understanding of your health risks and family history. You will receive a 5-20 page personalized Health Risk Report which outlines your individual risk factors and provides recommendations for creating a healthier lifestyle. 

Name Sales End Price
9:00 am Ended Free
9:15 am Ended Free
9:30 am Ended Free
9:45 am Ended Free
10:00 am Ended Free
10:15 am Ended Free
10:30 am Ended Free
10:45 am Ended Free
11:00 am Ended Free
11:15 am Ended Free
11:30 am Ended Free
11:45 am Ended Free

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