5th Annual BOCA & Soul Yoga Expo 2009 Vending

To make agreement valid, print and send the below agreement in via fax or mail: 6906 4th street, NW Wash, DC 20012). Your reservation is not valid until the below information is on file.

Program Service Contract

Name Price Fee
New Vendor - paid in full - 1 space   $350 $8.75
Returning Vendor Discount - paid in full - 1 space   $315 $7.88
New Vendor - 2 spaces (8' x 16')   $650 $9.95
Returning Vendors Discount - 2 spaces (8x16)   $585 $9.95
Vendor Deposit (returning or new vendor)   $150 $3.75
Balance-New Vendor - 1 space   $200 $5
Balance- Returning Vendor - 1 space   $165 $4.12
Balance-New Vendor - 2 spaces   $500 $9.95
Balance - Returning Vendor - 2 spaces $435 $9.95
Electricity - 2 plugs - (no strips or extension cords please)   $75 $1.88
6 Ft Table Rental (1 table) - tables are not included in spaces unless rented   $25 $0.99
BOCA EXPO Souvenir Book Ad - Full Page   $150 $3.75
BOCA EXPO Souvenir Book Ad - 1/2 page   $100 $2.5
BOCA EXPO Souvenir Book Ad - 1/4 page   $75 $1.88
BOCA EXPO Souvenir Book Ad - 1/8 page (business card reduced) $50 $1.25

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