The First Annual BLU Retreat

It began in 1991.

Every fall, we gathered. 

We gathered from all over the country and even from all over the world. 

For one weekend in September we created a new world.

Well, we are back.

We are bringing back the retreat that you've heard about for years.

The retreat that you wouldn't dream of missing, and you never did. 

The retreat that you thought you missed out on and wanted to experience for yourself.

We are back.  

The BLU retreat is being brought to the community by the same women who brought you Sistahfest from 1991-2005.  We've been joined a group of sistahs... some familiar faces, some new, who bring a new infusion of energy, joy, love, knowledge, and dedication.

This is a beginning.  A new start.  A new feeling. 
But, with the same goals of unity, visibility and empowerment. 

September 18-20, 2009, in Malibu.

Just miles up the Los Angeles coast we will gather again to transform  120 private, wooded acres, just steps from the beach, into our own vibrant and nurturing Sistahspace.  Nestled away in nature's canyon, we will discover again our true common ground. We will create a new world for the weekend.

Join us as we create a new chapter of our herstory!

Never been before? Then this retreat is for you, come experience a weekend of Sistahhood, that lasts for a lifetime.

Been to 1, 2, or 15 Sistahfests?  Then you are aware of the spirit of the retreat, the friendships that last a lifetime, and the experiences that you will talk about forever.

We've often taken for granted that these experiences will be there for us always.
We have learned that this is not necessarily true. 

At this time.  In this place.  On this year. With this President in the White House.

With the battle for LGBT rights being fought throughout this country...

Now is the time. Now is our time.

We are having our own inauguration.
Don't miss the Inaugural BLU Retreat.

Join us. Join the family of friends... a family of sistahs.

Have additional questions? 

Email us at  or call us at 310-956-4BLU.

Or keep checking back as we add details to the website:

We are growing, we are changing, we are dedicated to bringing the best of the black lesbian experience to our sistahs.

-  The BLU Retreat Planning Committee

Cancellation Policy.   A $50 processing fee will be assessed for all cancellation requests.  In order to receive a refund, requests must be submitted in writing prior to September 1, 2009. Cancellations received after September 1, 2009 will be donated to the Scholarship Fund.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Cabin (Dormitory), Camping, RV - Early Bird Extended Ended $199 $
Shared Suite - Early Bird   Ended $250 $
Private Suite - Early Bird   Ended $325 $
Donation to BLU Scholarships Ended Free

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