Cues and Clues: Sleuthing a Job Ad and Spotting Interviewer Problems

This seminar teaches you how to read between the lines of the job board ad to know what it's really saying both about the organization and the person they're looking for.  It also teaches you how to spot red flag problems in an interview, and how to deal with those. 

How many times have you accepted a job and three months later said "I wish I'd known?" Your company lies or your boss is unethical or the company could care less about its employees. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a clue before you began working there? Wouldn't it be nice if you could even tell from the ad?

Hi Judi,
I have to tell you Judi when I attended teleseminar on how to sleuth a job ad, I learned a lot.    I wish I knew this stuff a long time ago.  I never realized that the job descriptions told you that much information.  This has been very beneficial.  
----- Scot G., NJ

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