Fully Booked! Suffering from Allergies or Food Sensitivities?


Suffering from Allergies or

Food Sensitivities?

FREE SEMINAR  by Dr Dzung Price

“Hidden Factors Perpetuating Allergies

 And How To Regain Your Vibrant Health”

If you or your loved one suffer from chronic tiredness, skin rashes, bloating, indigestion, hormonal swings, itching,  body aches, diarrhea, hay fever, asthma or breathing difficulties caused by allergies or food sensitivities... then you know just how bad it can be. The Good News is...you don’t have to put up with this distress any longer!


NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT... how a proven, safe, all natural program can relieve your     allergies and suffering, so you are free to enjoy life …without pain, discomfort, fear of    allergic reactions or “moody” days. Dr Dzung Price, a holistic integrative Medical Doctor will reveal to you in her breakthrough seminar ….


  • The True Causes Behind Your Symptoms and Suffering - Mind, Body & Spirit
  • The Hidden Dangers of Leaving Your Allergies or Sensitivities Untreated
  • 4 Simple Steps to Regain Energy and Vibrant Health
  • How Your Food and Environment Can Make You Sick That You May Be NOT Aware Of
  • What common items you MUST get rid of in your kitchen and bedroom
  • Tips, Tools and Strategies to Live Allergy free and Have Energy For Life   


Here’s what Brisbane cafe owner Leisa Booyens said about this revolutionary program:   “All my life I’ve suffered from anaphylaxis to prawns, and I couldn’t eat them ... I had to stay totally away because my throat would swell up or I’d get itchy skin if I even go near them.  Now, I can now sit down to a meal of prawns if I want to and have prawns in my restaurant ..... before I couldn’t even touch it!             I highly recommend the program to anybody who’s tired of     worrying about what they are eating, every day of their life”.                                                                                                                 Leisa Booyens

This breakthrough seminar is absolutely FREE, without obligation. To book your place, just call now to  (07)  3366 8955 to reserve your seat.   Free Surprise BONUS Gifts!    


          VERY LIMITED SEATING  BOOK NOW 07 33 66 8955

                    WHEN: Tuesday 18th August 6.30 - 8.00 pm

WHERE:  Renew You Centre For Wellbeing & Longevity

               Suite 13, 221 Waterworks Rd. Ashgrove. Qld 4060


                 Become the healthy, vibrant person you were born to be! 


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