What's your biggest problem right now in finding a new job?


If you clicked the link to get here, you're having a problem with your job search somewhere.  It might be no reponse to your resume or no offers after interviews or a specific interview question you keep getting stuck on or you got laid off, fired maybe, and it's freaking you out.  Maybe you have an offer and you need the job but you're not comfortable with it and don't know why.  It could be any one of a million different things.

This free webinar is the chance to get your problems answered.  Questions submitted in advance take precedence because I won't have someone reading - and then feeding me - the questions, which make the process smoother in real time.  but we'll also be doing them live during the event. 


Once you've registered you'll get the URL so you know where to go.  Listen through your computer speakers so there's no long distance charge!  You'll receive the recording to download the day after the event. 


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Biggest Problem RIght Now - wednesday 9/3 Free