Borrow Smart Retire Rich

Is Your Home Your Largest Investment?

For most homeowners the answer is YES!  Bobby Gross, RFC, CMPS, CLA, MMB, presents a Seminar teaching home owners of all ages a 7-step process to managing the wealth in their home.  Through the 7-step process the home owner is coached to create a personal Mortgage Plan with two possible outcomes in mind – 1) a way to pay off their mortgage in as little as 10 years with no additional cash outlay, or 2) a way to utilize their home as a shelter to increase their retirement savings by $1M or more, again with no additional cash outlay.Let a Trusted Financial Advisor teach you a new way to look at your largest investment in less than 2 hours.  If you’re like most homeowners, you will learn how to improve your cash flow and meet your most important financial goals ...without having to increase your current expenses.Register today to reserve your seat at this remarkable education event, “Borrow Smart & Retire Rich.  Shouldn’t you look at the wealth in your home as carefully as you look at your other investments?  How can you protect that wealth, increase its liquidity, and increase the rate of return without increasing your risk?  These questions and more will be discussed.

Bobby Gross, RFC, CMPS, CLA, MMB, Wealth Strategist, Speaker and Coach 

Included with your fee is our Borrow Smart Retire Rich Book, Consumer workbook and a surprise gift.

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