The MPSG Belmarsh Iftar 2007

Muslim Solidarity Iftaar at HMP Belmarsh

An event to remember Muslim prisoners in the UK and abroad 

6 years after 9/11, the number of Muslims in Western prisons continues to soar. Many of these Muslims are not behind bars due their involvement in drug related crime, violence or hooliganism, but are instead prisoners of conscience- prisoners whose only crime has been to voice an opinion. They have either been found guilty ‘by association’ or are languishing behind bars through laws that permit indefinite detention. They are the fortunate ones.

 Other Muslim prisoners have either been subjected to torture and abuse in legal ‘anomalies’ such as Camp X-Ray, or have disappeared altogether, only to resurface in Gulags of the modern world. All these prisoners have one thing in common- they have all been robbed if their human rights.

This Iftaar has been arranged to remember the plight of these prisoners and their families.




 Muddassar Arani (Arani and Co.Solicitors) 


Sheraz Khan (MPSG)  

Uthman Lateef (Hittin Institute)  

Muhammad al Gabria (Ex- Belmarsh Detainee)

Statements from representatives of Detainees and Muslim Prisoners

Others to be confirmed


3.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Saturday 29th September


Come and witness firsthand what this injustice is all about. 


* Note: Iftaar arrangements include Dates and Milk, and cooked meals for up to 300 attendees.


Please bring appropriate clothing in case of weather change.

 Email: or call +44 (0)796 007 6099 for details or visit

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