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Meet Inspiring Speakers * Connect with CEOs * Make Career Connections * Have Global Impact * Get Into Grad School * Explore your Leadership * Make a Difference * Change the World *



Saturday, September 26, 2009

9:00AM – 6:30PM * New York City


68th St. to 70th St. between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue


For more information:


The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit is the premier and exclusive leadership development and career management program for young women from top companies and top educational institutions worldwide.


The Summit ( will convene hundreds of emerging women leaders, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, and women interested in mentoring and connecting with fellow women, and offers the following benefits:


• BE HEARD BY PRESIDENT OBAMA & GLOBAL LEADERS (new!): Emerging Leaders at the Summit will participate in an exclusive multimedia public communiqué to President Obama, the UN, and global leaders on “What America Needs Now” and “What the World Needs Now.” Seize the opportunity to have your voice heard by the President and global leaders directly!


• POWERFUL CONNECTIONS: Develop powerful connections with women leaders: CEOs, leaders in business and government, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and innovators, who will share their knowledge, insight, and inspiration.


 CAREER EXPO: Network with potential future employers at the CAREER EXPO, featuring dozens of companies looking to hire women as interns or full time employees!


 GRAD SCHOOL EXPO: Meet Grad School (MBA/MPA/JD) admissions officers and learn about potential graduate school opportunities at the GRAD SCHOOL EXPO.


 NGO/NON-PROFITS FAIR: Connect with Womensphere’s Non-Profit, NGO, and Social Enterprise partners. Collaborate on projects that change the world!


 SPECIAL AWARDS & COMPETITIONS: Participate in the launch of SPECIAL AWARDS and Competitions specially designed to recognize emerging women leaders such as yourself.


 INTERNSHIPS AT WOMENSPHERE: Be among the first to be eligible for internships at Womensphere. We are launching and accepting applications for 30-40 Global Media Internships, and 30 Global Research Internships at the Summit!


 BELONG TO AN EXCLUSIVE NETWORK: Become a part of an exclusive network of women leaders. Collaborate and network with hundreds of other emerging leaders from the U.S. and around the world.


Over 50 Distinguished Speakers including :




Vishakha Desai – President, ASIA SOCIETY

Monica Mandelli – Managing Director, GOLDMAN SACHS

Maya Tolstoy – Marine Geophysicist, LAMONT-DOHERTY EARTH OBSERVATORY

Saranne Rothberg – CEO & Founder, COMEDYCURES FOUNDATION

Sarah Beatty – CEO, GREEN DEPOT

Patricia Shores – Head of Global Brand Strategy, AMERICAN EXPRESS

Abby Disney – Co-President, Co-Founder, DAPHNE FOUNDATION; Award-winning Filmmaker, “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” about the women of Liberia.


Roundtable on Strategy & The Future of Organizations

Duygu Cibik – Engagement Manager, MCKINSEY

Emily Lo – SVP of Strategy, HSBC

Nirmitee Shah – Director Strategy and Planning, CITIGROUP

Steph So – Director, Strategy & New Business Development, ESTEE LAUDER


Roundtable on Social Entrepreneurship      

Gianna Driver – CEO & Founder, GIANNA

Laurie Parise – CEO & Founder, YOUTH REPRESENT

Jerry Topitzer – Executive Director, JPMORGAN; Co-Founder/COO, Advancing Rural Kids (ARK)

Jessamyn Waldman – CEO & Founder, Hot Bread Kitchen


Roundtable on Women & Discovery, Exploration and the Environment   

Milbry Polk – Executive Director & Co-Founder, WINGS Worldquest

Angela Shuster - Editor in Chief,  The Explorers Journal

Maya Tolstoy – Marine Geophysicist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Susan Shaw – Founder & Director, Marine Environmental Research Institute


Roundtable on Growth Sectors in the Global Economy        

Jennifer Chow – Vice President,  CPOWER

Kim Slicklein – CEO & Founder, Enclave Rising, Ethos Resorts & Spas

Lily Yanchun Li – CFO and Co-Founder, American Oriental Bioengineering

Sarita Gupta – Vice President of Communications, Women's World Banking


Roundtable on The Future of Finance & Capital Markets   

John Oriogun – Principal, Oriogun PLLC

Katrina Dudley – Associate Portfolio Manager, Franklin Mutual Fund

Monica Mandelli – Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Susan Feitelberg – Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


Roundtable on The Future of Marketing & Brands                                 

Michelle Liu – Director, New Brand Development, Estee Lauder Companies

Patricia Shores – Vice President and Head of Global Brand Strategy, American Express

Stefanie Tsen – Brand Development Manager, Limited Brands

Tammy Sun – EVP for Communications, Seeds of Peace


Roundtable on Women & Innovation              

Anne Hubert - Senior Director, MTV Networks

Eva Heyman - Senior Vice President, Digitas

Lisa Goel - Vice President, Nanobiosym

Mack McElvey - Vice President, Millennial Media

Ritcha Ranjan - Product Manager, Google


Roundtable on Women & The Future of Media          

Abby Disney – Co-President, Co-Founder, Daphne Foundation

Alicia Stewart – Online Managing Editor, Engage, CNN

Janine McGrath Shelffo – Managing Director, Media & Communications Group, UBS

Monique Ware – Senior Director, Viacom, Black Entertainment TV (BET) Networks


Roundtable on Women & Global Issues        

Elmira Bayrasli – Senior Policy Director, Endeavor

Evie Evangelou – Executive Director, Federation of World Trade Associations

Leslie Adelson – Executive Director, Seeds of Peace

Sara Green – Executive Director, Art for Refugees in Transition

Victoria Garchitorena – President, Ayala Foundation USA


 Companies & Organizations represented include:

·         Goldman Sachs (GOLD SPONSOR!)

·         Deloitte

·         Citigroup

·         Time Warner

·         JPMorgan

·         Societe Generale

·         Barclays

·         All for Africa

·         Asia Society

·         Wings Worldquest

·         Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)

·         Others listed online


Graduate Schools represented include:

·         Harvard Business School

·         Yale School of Management

·         Columbia Graduate Programs & Business School

·         Others listed online


For questions about registration, please email



To nominate your distinguished peers to attend the Emerging Leaders Global Summit, please forward them the bulk of this email encourage them to sign up at


Womensphere is a premier global leadership community comprised of over 10,000 women leaders and managers across the fields of business, finance, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, public policy, media, and technology, with the mission of inspiring, empowering and connecting women leaders. We are headquartered in New York City.



Office: 1230 Avenue of the Americas | 7th Floor | NY, NY 10020

Unleashing Potential.  Inspiring Impact. Creating Opportunity

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