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These are the secrets that the “guru’s” aren’t sharing with you because THEY DON’T KNOW themselves!

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Are you tired of paying more and more for PPC ads while you still see fewer and fewer results?

Are you fed up with SEO and link building because it just doesn’t seem to be working for you... fast enough!?

Are you ready from someone who REALLY knows how to get on the first page of Google to share their secrets with you?

Well… if you answered yes then I just might have exactly what you need to skyrocket your website’s traffic without spending a dime on advertising.

But before I go any further and waste your time I have to ask you one more question….

Are you willing to invest $197 for LIVE, 3-DAY workshop where you can discover – face to face with Australia’s Web 2.0 Wizard – how to drive a truck load of FREE traffic directly to ANY website?

If you think that $197 is simply too much for a one-on-one workshop (where you can get hands-on training and have all your questions answered) then please, leave now and just try to find someone else who will offer you an opportunity even close to this!

But if you know that $197 is an incredible price for the chance to learn everything you will ever need to know about building your own network of highly qualified traffic then let me introduce myself…

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A Master at Driving Massive Traffic to ANY Website and Seizing 1st Page Google Placement Overnight!

From: Barnaby De Palma, 11.43am, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
type="text/javascript">< Friday, April 24, 2009
Phone 1300 721 603

Hello, my name is Barnaby De Palma and I have worked as a web strategist and marketing consultant over the last 14 years. I know how to turn any website into a money-making, traffic magnet – virtually overnight.

I know how to utilise the power of web 2.0 and I know how to SEO the RIGHT way. But I also know what NOT to do.

I've seen thousands of dollars burnt up by people who have good business minds - but they don't have a clue how to make it work on the Internet.



"We're excited!!! Our blog is number 2 on PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE - In 24 Hours!"  Paul & Gina Smith - Own A Commercial Property

Why does this happen?

Because they don't know how to get "Traffic."

But reality took over when they realised I've got a team of expert programmers and seo gurus who know the search engines backwards... know how to catapult you to the top simply, easily, super fast and without spamming or blackhat techniques!

Within 24 hours they were seeing their long lost sites appear instantly in in the top positions as they were promised... and all because of the fact that we have the knowledge, the education, the contacts and get it implemented immediately because we care about out clients.

If you're looking to get to the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, then you need to talk to my company, now before your competition does.

You see, I've seen more money wasted online than most people. Working as a web strategist and marketing consultant over the last 14 years, I've seen thousands of dollars burnt up by good business people - but they don't have a clue how to make it work on the Internet.

And the NUMBER 1 reason this happens is that they don't know...

... how to get "Traffic."

And the NUMBER 2 reason is that they don’t know...

... how to “convert” that traffic into leads or sales.

Most websites suck at traffic and conversion. Including yours.

And the main reason is.

Your Website Sucks At Generating Traffic Because NOBODY CAN FIND YOU!

Traffic is the life blood of your website - and your business. It is your first step to success… and if you can’t reach this first step then nothing else is going to work.

Once you have traffic you can start the all important task of building rapport with your new audience, you offer them free gifts and at the same time build your database, which then ultimately gives you the opportunity to sell your products that fits their need.

Now you might be thinking, “Hang on, I know how to get traffic - I can just pay Google for some ads.”

You’re right, you can, but you will be wasting money, running in place and getting NOWHERE!

From Clicking On Google Ads.

You probably have started to realize that you have to pay more and more money for Google ads that bring you less and less conversions.

Let me explain…

Did you know that 70% of people click on the free “organic” search listings in Google (I do most of the time, don’t you?)

Did you know that Google’s advertising revenue is flattening out - that less consumers are clicking on ads?

Did you know that the vast majority of people are finding information on other sites - not search engines!

Pay Per Click Search Clicks
Drops By 33% In 2007!

Don’t believe me? Then check out what top industry analyst comScore has to report:

“Earlier this week, comScore released its January 2008 qSearch paid click report, which showed a 7% sequential decline vs. December ‘07, and a flat annual growth in paid clicks for Google. Moreover, the number of paid clicks per Google search query declined by 8% from December to January, suggesting that consumers are clicking less on search ads... paid clicks dropped sequentially by 7%, while, at the same time, its total number of search queries grew by 9%.... The compounded impact on paid clicks per search query (whether or not ad supported) for the entire year, is a whopping 33% decline in 2007.”

See comScore's graph below showing the decline in paid ad clicks over the last 12 months.

It Gets Worse...

People AREN’T Even Turning To Google Like They Used To.

  • Did you know that Google’s own traffic is flattening out (that is, people going there to search)?

  • Did you ever wonder why Google bought YouTube for $1.7 billion 18 months after it started, even when they had their own video network - Google Video?

  • Did you wonder why Social Networking sites (like Facebook) have grown twice as fast as the rest of the Internet?

Proof That Google Is Losing Traffic

... Google Is FLAT Line.

Have a look at this graph from (a site that charts traffic to websites).


What is happening to Google?

Where is everyone going?

As you can see Google’s traffic is flattening out, while Youtube, Facebook and Wordpress (blogs) are on the rise.

So, if less people aren’t going to Google to find what they want, where are they going?

  • More people are going to Youtube to find out what they are after - because video is quick, fun to watch and faster to learn from than reading

  • More people are turning to their trusted friends in Facebook

  • And they are looking to bloggers for advice on where to go online

I’m not saying Google isn’t important - it is! It still has the most traffic (but Youtube is only just behind it!).

In fact did you realise that:

  • 54% of all traffic online is now video traffic

  • 12% of ALL traffic online is going to Youtube

  • But that Youtube is only one of dozens of video sites, and accounts for only 30% of all video traffic

Getting Into These Web 2.0 Websites
Can SuperCharge Your Traffic.

Now, you still want to get found in Google for sure... but you can no longer afford NOT to get found in these other Web 2.0 sites.

And I’m not saying don’t use Google Ads - they can be great - but you don’t want to rely upon them alone. Because if you aren’t using these other strategies, as soon as you turn off your Google Ads, you are off the air!

Wouldn’t you love to be found in the free side - any time you want?

People Don’t Have Time Anymore To Search.
(Think About That!)

  • Imagine, there you are trying to find out what you want to search for, and then you have to spend sifting through all those websites... many people are just finding this takes too long

  • They are looking for an instant result - they’d rather ask someone they know and trust

  • They are looking for an expert to turn - who already has the best information, and presents it in a fun, informative way that they instantly understand - video!

In Walks The Expert To Help.
(Could That Be You?!)

People are looking for help online - and they are looking for the best expert advice to help them get a fast result.

If you don’t become this expert they are looking for - someone else will.

The power is shifting away from the search engines to experts who have a captive audience, with an authority website that is filled with content so that when someone searches for their topic they appear everywhere - across dozens of websites.

Not since 1997 has there been such an easy opportunity to carve out and dominate a niche online - thanks to the power of Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?
  How Does It Effect Your Business?

First let’s think back to what was Web 1.0:

  • Websites that only offered one way information - from me to you

  • There was no way for the reader to interact - let alone change the content

  • Information was mainly text with images

When you think about it... that’s STILL the majority of websites out there. Boring!!

But now there is a new breed of website appearing, Web 2.0 websites that allow:

  • For community and communication directly on the website - the site opens up a two way street between reader and site owner

  • The reader can now not only interact with the content on the page, they can add their own content - and change the website, and then others can come and respond to what the last reader had to say

  • Information is presented now with Video and Audio - not just text and images - this makes it much more engaging

Welcome To Web 2.0 Land.

Let Me Be Your Guide.


Are you making use of these Web 2.0 websites to promote your business?

Are you getting the maximum exposure that you could online?

What kind of website do you have?

How interactive is it?

Can people leave comments and subscribe directly to your website content - so that every time you add something new - your website tells them instantly?

How can you start to get involved in this?

Would You Like To Learn These Strategies?


When did this sea-change start,

And who is already doing it?

  • It all began to take off back in 2004 thanks to the fact that broadband was widely available

  • Then in 2004-2005 people discovered video thanks to Youtube and Facebook was launched

  • In 2006 a cutting edge small number of marketers began to realise what these new technologies could mean to their own businesses.

  • In 2007 the next wave of bleeding edge online marketers began testing these new strategies online with amazing results

  • In 2008 the first wave of forward thinking business people get involved in Web 2.0 marketing (this is you!)

If You Don’t Ride This New Web 2.0 Wave
Your Website Will Be Left Behind.

If you haven’t already guessed, hardly anyone in business realises this change has happened online. And they are far away from thinking about how they could make use of these strategies to reach a MASSIVE global audience quickly and cheaply - in away NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

The fact that you are even reading this material means that you are light years ahead of your competition in knowledge - you have the advantage.

However, if this knowledge does not translate into action - you are no better off.

How Would You Like To Build
Your Own Media Empire?

For the first time in history, you, with your small business can set yourself up with your own:

  • Your own FREE TV station online - broadcasting yourself to an international audience

  • Your own FREE radio station online - that anyone, anywhere can tune into and download onto their iPod

  • Your own newspaper or magazine that people subscribe to and refer their friends to - using your own blog

Imagine having your business -your message getting found everywhere - and I mean everywhere.

  • There you are in Google - dominating your target keywords, on the front page!

  • There you are in Youtube - with dozens of videos, and subscribers waiting to see your next one

  • You’ve got 1000’s of friends in Facebook

  • You’re all over the social bookmarking sites - such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious

  • You’ve got a thriving blog with regular readers who comment on your posts

It’s Time for You to Take Your Business to the Next Level…

Let me ask you:

  • Do you have an interactive website that people can respond to?

  • Do you have a website that every time new content is added to it - search engines rush to it and try to index the material first - without you doing anything!?

  • Do you have a website that allows readers to subscribe to your content - WITHOUT giving you their email address?

  • Do you have a website that encourages readers to give you their email address in exchange for some awesome free content?

"Are You Ready to Discover ALL OF THE SECRETS to building a website that dominates your niche market?"

And where you create a system that enables ONE piece of content to be instantly broadcast across dozens of content sites - including:

  • blogs

  • online video networks

  • article sharing websites

  • social bookmarking sites

  • social networks

What will you get in return for producing this simple content for your website?
Instant Google Front Page in 24 Hours!

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it.

Well, have a look at just some of the results we’ve been able to produce for our clients using Web 2.0 Strategies.

Notice that each of these keyword phrases are "money" keywords, that means the other people on right hand side are bidding on ads - and paying for people to click them!

While the sites that we've promoted with Web 2.0 strategies are getting clicks - for FREE!

And you'll notice that each of these examples are highly competitive keywords.

That We've Produced

Results Example 1



Results Example 2



Results Example 3

And we have more examples.

What we have is a system that can be duplicated for any business - even highly competitive ones.


How Would You Like These Results
For Your Own Business?

If you want to find out the latest traffic strategies, tools and techniques to boost your businesses traffic beyond belief - then you can’t afford to miss!

Web 2.0 Workshop Details

I know you are dying to find out when and where this workshop will be held because I am sure you know that at this price seats are going to fill-up VERY FAST!

My Web 2.0 Workshop will be held on:

May Friday 8th -Sunday 10thGold Coast, Australia
Quality Inn Mermaid Waters
Cnr Markeri Street and Sunshine Boulevard
Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

Just watch this quick video to see a sneak peak at what you are going to get at this amazing LIVE Workshop

Sneak Preview Of What You'll Learn
See Barnaby live - speaking on Blogs & Web 2.0

3-Day Hands-On Workshop

I know you are ready to discover the power of Web 2.0 and start building a website that your competitors simple can’t touch!

And I am going to take 3 FULL days to sit down with you, one-on-one, and go over every technique and every tool that you need to skyrocket your website to the top of Google overnight.

And you are going to get it ALL for only $197!

Most of those “guru’s” try and charge you $197 for a confusing and out-of-date eBook that you order and never read.

But I am offering you smoothing much more than an eBook… I am offering you the chance to sit down with me, a Web 2.0 expert, and discover everything that you need to do in order to drive hoards of FREE traffic to your website every single day.

You get to listen to me explain everything in detail; you get to ask questions and take notes and leave with a complete education in Web 2.0… all for ONLY $197.

Pretty amazing, huh?

This workshop has been designed for you - the small business entrepreneur who wants to take their business online to the next level - and stay so far ahead of their competition - that no one will be able to catch up.

And for ONLY $197 you are going to receive 3 days of content packed training that will give you everything you need to catapult to the top of the search engines and attract more free traffic than you have ever experienced before.

You don’t want to miss this event because there are no guarantees it will be repeated.


Step By Step Training That Will Put You Light Years Ahead Of Competition

Here is a snippet of what will be covered

  • Discover what is social networking & how do you use it to dominate your market niche

  • The step-by-step instructions on how to blog effectively - and what to blog about

  • Learn how to get free high Google rankings in 24 hours

  • How to do keyword research and create content that will drive you unlimited traffic

  • Step by step market research techniques to pinpoint untapped opportunities

  • Learn how to create videos and mass promote them online

  • Tap into the hidden power of Facebook and learn how to use it for marketing purposes

This workshop was run in May 2008 for the first time in Brisbane over 2 days. There were 48 lucky people there who had their eyes popped open by the possibilities these new technologies made available for their businesses.

I don’t have any plans to run another event like this.

This could be the last one for 2009 - and every month that passes more people will be discovering these amazing strategies.

Plus - we're almost booked to capacity. Over 150 have already registered for this event, there aren't many seats left, so if you want to come, scroll to the top of the page and book in right now.

Myself and my team work full time building websites. We live and breath the Web 2.0 world. Between May and September we have uncovered some INCREDIBLE technologies that we don’t even have the space here to explain to you.

You Are Going To Leave This Workshop A Web 2.0 and Traffic-Building Master!

I have a unique style of teaching that gets technical concepts and strategies across in simple, plain English that anyone can understand.

You will come away with a comprehensive plan of how to promote yourself online using these strategies - and it will be taught without the “geek speak”. Just real, simple easy-to-understand strategies and techniques.

And if you don’t understand something then you have the opportunity to ASK because this is a LIVE Workshop with Web 2.0 Masters!

You know – without a shadow of a doubt – that you will get the information that you need in a way that you can understand.

But rather than just listening to me - watch what my past participants had to say about my Web 2.0 Workshop.

Hear What Others Got
From Previous Seminars

Go To The TOP Of This Page To Book In For This Seminar.

Can Everyone Benefit From Learning This?

"But hey Barnaby, what happens if everyone learns these strategies - not everyone can be on Google’s Front Page?"

Here's what you need to remember: your websites power to attract readers will not depend upon coming up in Google’s front page alone, thanks to the power of Web 2.0 strategies. In fact, all of the social marketing sites combined accounts for WAY MORE traffic than what Google could deliver to you. As well, by applying the strategies that you learn at this workshop every month - due to consistent volume of your superior content every month you will dominate Google. Ultimately the business with the most quality content will win.

At my workshop you will learn precisely how to create this winning style of content that we call “linkbait”.

Wishing you great success.


Barnaby De Palma

Australia's Web 2.0 Wizard
Ph 1300 721 603
type="text/javascript">< Email Us


$197 for this workshop is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could make online using these strategies.

You owe it to yourself to book your place in this program right now, because if you leave it and don’t do it now, let’s face it – your seat won’t be here when you come back.

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


I am going to make this very simple…

If you're not happy with the workshop, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with the workshop after the first day, just say so, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).


With this amazing price PLUS this risk-free guarantee you really can't lose!

That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

For a mere $197, you're getting access to the latest cutting edge strategies on the Internet so that you can create your own automated traffic generating machines.

Now, this information is rare. Many of the strategies are top secret techniques that I’ve never taught before. You won’t find many people teaching Web 2.0 strategies in plain English, in a way that you can start to use immediately in your business. So take action now and grab a spot at the seminar.

Wishing you great success.


Barnaby De Palma

Australia's Web 2.0 Wizard
Ph 1300 721 603
type="text/javascript">< Email Us

P.S.Don't forget, if you don’t jump in and start implementing these Web 2.0 style strategies you’re missing out on the biggest gold rush on the Internet since 1997. The opportunities are wide open for anyone to claim their niche and dominate new markets with lightning speed. This will be a step by step formula which is the secret behind getting onto Googles front page in 24 hours, any time you want, without having to pay for ads! And it's fully money-back guaranteed anyway. So you can't lose.

Plus, you can't count on this event being repeated.You can’t afford to miss this information. Get on the front page of Google now ... even if you're a complete beginner. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Go To The TOP Of This Page To Book In For This Seminar.

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