Barnaby's "HANDS ON" Web 2.0 Marketing Workshop

"Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application - practice. What you practice is what you manifest." Fay Weldon


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only read this webpage if you are keen to learn "STEP by STEP" how to market your business online with a hands on, ONCE only web workshop where you actually DO everything you learn while you're at the training!

Location: Brisbane, University of Qld

Hands On Training: Fri-Sat 4-5 Dec Click Here To Register


“You've Heard The Strategies of 'WHAT' To Do To Succeed With Internet Marketing, NOW Imagine If You Could Actually Practice These New Skills Under Expert Supervision And Get It Right?“

If A 'Hands On' Training Event Using Your Laptop In A Live Classroom Sounds Like What You've Been Looking For - Then Attend This Event And Practice Web 2.0 Marketing Until You Nail It!

“After Attending Barnaby's Web 2.0 Seminars You Probably Now Know What You Need To Do - But Have You Practiced Exactly 'How To Do It'? Barnaby Will Have You Walk Out With Having Practised Exactly How To Execute Your Own Internet Marketing Campains & Web 2.0 Promotions By The End Of This Unique Event!”

If after attending different training events, or building several websites, you still haven't started using the latest Web 2.0 methods to market your business, there's a good chance that you lack the confidence of knowing for yourself and practising how to implement the startegies that will have you succeed with getting top rankings in Google every time you want to.

Now, imagine someone holding your hand and telling you exactly where you should click your mouse, and watching for yourself as you build an online marketing campaign.

Would that make a difference to you?

How confident would you feel knowing you had already done it yourself?

If you are someone who….

  • Wants to implement Internet Marketing methods themselves over 2 days under the supervision of a world expert trainer
  • Wants to come away from a training event with solid skills in how to market online because you've actually been practicing it at the event
  • Wants to create breakthrough marketing results in your business - without relying on paid advertising

... then I've created an incredible workshop that will give you exactly what you need to skyrocket your website's traffic without spending a dime on advertising.

Your Investment

Worth every bit of $3,747 + (however you won't be paying that, read on...)

Course Content

Using your laptop you will be trained in exactly how to:

  • Identify 'money' keywords that drive you targeted traffic
  • Turn these keywords into content - videos, articles and blogs
  • Skyrocket this new content to top of Google using Social Marketing
  • Build killer blog websites that out perform traditional websites
  • Leverage your time & get massive exposure using the secret software that we use in house to promote our clients
  • Register domains using keywords and link them to your new websites
  • Track stats and understand where your traffic comes from
  • Create offers that turn browsers into opt-ins to your database
  • Send out email promotions where your emails are opened, read and clicked on!
  • Secret strategies we use to explode traffic
  • Other mind blowing secrets that will amaze you
  • PLUS $2,850 in bonuses - including the complete Web 2.0 DVD home study pack

This Will Save You a TONS of Time

It's true that by already reviewing material in books, DVD's or taking notes at seminars you will learn WHAT you need to do, but after already doing all of that, how much of what you've already learned have you actually put into practice?

So, your choice is that you could spend the next year or two collecting more of "knowing what to do", but remember, "knowing" without taking action makes no difference.

Your only alternative is practice. Practicing step by step what it is that will make a difference to your business.

My only question is, do you want to practice alone on your laptop, with trial & error - or would you like to FAST TRACK your skills and learn what to do from day one? Get yourself ready for a year of explosive growth by registering into this unique training event NOW.

Seating is strictly limited to 40 participants. You can't afford to wait.

A Unique Opportunity

I don't want to waste your time, let me ask you this one question….

Are you willing to invest the ridiculous sum of $897 for LIVE, 2-DAY training event where you can master the art of propelling your business to exponential growth under the supervision of Australia's Web 2.0 Wizard and his trained staff?

If you think that $897 is simply too much for a hands-on training workshop (where you can get one-on-one tuition and have all your questions answered) then please, leave now and just try to find someone else who will offer you an opportunity even close to this!

But if you are willing to invest $897 (and pick up $2,850 in bonuses) for an incredible opportunity to walk away with your brain charged and laptop armed with everything you need to explode your business growth using the amazing power of Web 2.0 I urge you to register.

Just Bring Your Laptop

Unlike normal training seminars, seating is strictly limited here so as to give individual attention to students. Everyone will be working step by step using their laptops as we all go through the process of mastering Web 2.0 marketing strategies.

Everyone will be given SUPER FAST WI-FI access to the University of Queensland broadband network - you don't need to bring your own modem. All you need is a WI-FI enabled laptop.


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