Aspiring CEO Webinar Series


The six-session series will offer monthly 60-minute webinars from October 2009 to February 2010 and culminate in an in-person session in Chicago. Each monthly webinar will cover a topic specifically chosen to provide you with the knowledge required to excel as a new nonprofit CEO.

Up to three people from the same organization may participate in either the full series or any individual program. Each participant will receive their own login information. All participants who fully complete at least five of the six sessions will receive the Axelson Center Aspiring CEO Certificate. [Attendance and participation will be verified through webinar software.]

Session #1 (Webinar)

October 7, 2009 - 12-1PM CST                   Where’s the Nonprofit CEO Manual?

Preparing for a leadership role in a nonprofit is challenging. This session will help you understand how to identify the organization’s culture and integrate into it, equip you to be the face of the organization and define the importance of the CEO’s involvement in fundraising. 

Presented by: Ken Gladish, Ph.D., CEO, Austin Community Foundation, Former CEO, YMCA of the USA

Session #2 (Webinar)

November 4, 2009 - 12-1PM CST               Who’s Driving This Ship Anyway?

So you’re in charge and everyone’s looking to you for guidance on key issues such as financial stability, organizational growth and strategic direction. Participants will understand the importance of a strategic plan for guiding the organization and process for thinking and executing strategies as well as tools for communicating your strategies to others.

Presented by: Tom King, Former President, Eli Lilly & Company Foundation

Session #3 (Webinar)

December 2, 2009 - 12-1PM CST               My Boss Is the Board!

Boards are sometimes collectively less rational and intelligent than each of the members individually. Why? Learn effective strategies for building strong and appropriate relationships with your board. Gain insight into the thoughts of boards, why and how they make decisions, how to manage the board and what they’ll expect from you. Learn how to develop champions on your board who understand the internal workings of the organization.

Presented by: Dave Sternberg, Vice President, Achieve, Senior Governance Consultant, BoardSource

Session #4 (Webinar)

January 6, 2010 - 12-1PM CST                   Are We There Yet?

Unfortunately, evaluating a nonprofit organization is not quite as simple as looking at your bottom line. Participants will learn the basics of nonprofit evaluation, from programming to finance, and be introduced to a process for implementing a performance management system. Strategies for working with the staff and board to ensure the best possible organizational outcomes will also be offered.   

Presented by: Nancy Kim Phillips, M.B.A., President, NKP Consulting LLC, Former COO, Metropolitan Family Services

Session #5 (Webinar)

February 3, 2010 - 12-1PM CST                 Living in a Glass House

Enjoying the benefits of being a tax-exempt entity does not come without costs. The IRS, media, public and those benefiting from your programs have certain expectations. Ensuring that you meet those expectations of financial and legal diligence and disclosure could help you in leading one of the most trusted and respected organizations around. 

Presented by: Kathryn Vanden Berk, J.D., Attorney, Law Offices of Kathryn M. Vanden Berk, LLC

Final Session (Location: North Park University, Chicago) 

March 5, 2010 – 10AM-2PM CST                      Aspiring CEO Finale & Social

An in-person seminar to conclude the series, complete with guidance on how to find, apply and interview for nonprofit CEO jobs, a nonprofit CEO panel, lunch and social time to meet peers who hold the same aspirations as you.

CEO Panel: Rob Bisceglie, Executive Director, Action for Healthy Kids, Brenda Palms Barber, CEO, North Lawndale Employment Network, Marcia Lipetz, Ph.D., President/CEO, Executive Service Corps of Chicago

Panel Moderator: Richard M. King, President & CEO, Kittleman and Associates

Keynote Speaker: Eric Weinheimer, President, The Cara Program

Name Price
Full Series (10/7/09-3/5/10) $200
Webinar 1 - Where's the Nonprofit CEO Manual (10/7/09) $50
Webinar 2 - Who's Driving This Ship Anyway (11/4/09) $50
Webinar 3 - My Boss Is the Board! (12/2/09) $50
Webinar 4 - Are We There Yet? (1/6/10) $50
Webinar 5 - Living in a Glass House (2/3/10) $50
Aspiring CEO Finale & Social (3/5/10 in Chicago) $50

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