Autograph Me

Sathish K, Anita Bora and Ganesh APP are taking part in this years Indian Auto Rickshaw challenge Classic edition, which starts on 29th of December, 2007.

Apart from the race, the participants are also required to do charity work worth $2000 (Euros 1500) on their way thro9 the villages, as the rules read.

We are sure we can raise the money thro9 corporate sponsorships, but we thought we would give you guys the opportunity to support the cause and chip in what ever you can :D

For every Rs. 100 ($2 approx) or more, you chip in, you get to stamp your mark on the auto rickshaw. Autographs, slogans, website urls anything, in that lil9 space we provide you in the auto. 

"Meter down! Meter ku mella nuru ruba potu kudunga!" 

Name Sales End Price Fee
Autographer   Ended Free