Introduction to PHP Training in Austin

Introduction to PHP Print

In this 3-day PHP training course, students will learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL or the database of their choice.

Course Goals:

  • Learn how PHP works
  • Learn the basic syntax of PHP
  • Learn to create dynamic interactive pages with PHP
  • Learn to manipulate files with PHP
  • Learn to work with arrays in PHP
  • Learn to validate forms with PHP
  • Learn to write functions in PHP
  • Learn to manipulate and manage database data with PHP
  • Learn to authenticate users with PHP
  • Learn to manage sessions with PHP
  • Learn to work with the PEAR:DB module
  • Learn advanced form validation with regular expressions
  • Learn to send email with PHP

Course Outline
  1. PHP Basics
    1. How PHP Works
    2. The php.ini File
    3. Basic PHP Syntax
      1. PHP Tags
      2. PHP Statements and Whitespace
      4. PHP Functions
      5. Hello World!
    4. Variables
      1. Variable Types
      2. Variable Names (Identifiers
      3. Type Strength
      4. Hello Variables!
      5. Variable Scope
      6. Superglobals
      7. Constants
      8. Variable-Testing and Manipulation Functions
    5. First PHP Script
    6. PHP Operators
    7. Creating Dynamic Pages
      1. Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
      2. Passing Variables on the URL
    8. Passing Variables via the Query String
  2. Flow Control
    1. Conditional Processing
      1. If Conditions
    2. Working with Conditions
    3. Loops
      1. while
      2. do...while
      3. for
      4. break and continue
    4. Working with Loops
  3. Arrays
    1. Enumerated Arrays
      1. Initializing Arrays
      2. Appending to an Array
      3. Reading from Arrays
      4. Looping through Arrays
    2. Working with Enumerated Arrays
    3. Associative Arrays
      1. Initializing Associative Arrays
      2. Reading from Associative Arrays
      3. Looping through Associative Arrays
      4. Superglobal Arrays
    4. Working with Associative Arrays
    5. Two-dimensional Arrays
      1. Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays
      2. Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays
    6. Array Manipulation Functions
  4. PHP and HTML Forms
    1. HTML Forms
      1. How HTML Forms Work
      2. A Sample HTML Form
      3. Form Variables
    2. Processing Form Input
  5. String Manipulation
    1. Formatting Strings
      1. Concatenation
      2. String Manipulation Functions
      3. Examples of String Functions
    2. Working with String Manipulation Functions
    3. Magic Quotes
      1. magic_quotes_gpc
      2. magic_quotes_runtime
      3. Recommendation on Magic Quotes
  6. Reusing Code and Writing Functions
    1. Including Files
      1. require
      2. require_once
      3. auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file
    2. Adding a Header and Footer
    3. User Functions
      1. Defining and Calling Functions
      2. Default Values
      3. Variable Scope
      4. By Reference vs. By Value
    4. Form Processing
      1. Code Organization
    5. Form Validation and Presentation Functions
  7. Managing Data
    1. Querying a Database
      1. mysqli() Overview
      2. mysqli Methods and Properties
      3. Inserting and Updating Records
      4. mysqli Prepared Statements
    2. Inserting Records
  8. PEAR:DB
    1. Advantages and Disadvantages of PEAR DB
      1. Why use a database abstraction layer?
      2. When not to use a database abstraction layer?
    2. Using PEAR DB
    3. Creating a Customer Report
  9. Authentication with PHP and SQL
    1. A Database-less Login Form
    2. Authenticating Users
  10. Regular Expressions
    1. Perl-compatible Regular Expression Functions
      1. preg_match()
      2. preg_replace()
      3. Regular Expression Tester
    2. Regular Expression Syntax
      1. Start and End ( ^ $ )
      2. Number of Occurrences ( ? + * {} )
      3. Common Characters ( . \d \D \w \W \s \S )
      4. Grouping ( [] )
      5. Negation ( ^ )
      6. Subpatterns ( () )
      7. Alternatives ( | )
      8. Escape Character ( \ )
    3. Form Validation Functions with Regular Expressions
  11. Session Control and Cookies
    1. Sessions
      1. Configuring Sessions
      2. Session Functions
    2. Cookies
    3. Authentication with Session Control
  12. Sending Email with PHP
    1. mail()
      1. Shortcomings of mail()
    2. PHPMailer
    3. Sending a Password by Email
  13. File System Management
    1. Opening a File
      1. fopen()
    2. Reading from a File
      1. fgets()
    3. Writing to a File
      1. fwrite()
    4. Writing to a File
    5. File Locking
      1. flock()
    6. Uploading Files via an HTML Form
    7. Getting File Information
    8. More File Functions
    9. Directory Functions
      1. Getting a Directory Listing
    10. Creating a Resume Management Page

Introduction to PHP Training Courseware Prerequisites

Experience in the following areas is required:

  • HTML

Experience in the following areas would be beneficial.

  • CSS
  • Basic Programming


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