Joomla! Boot Camp Intensive in Austin

In this three-day, hands-on intensive, attendees explore the Joomla! content management system in depth - from installation and administration to template design and modification. Site architecture and design are studied, as well as extension selection and implementation. The course caps with modules in professional Joomla management, including security and best practices specific to Joomla! itself.

This course is intended for individuals and organization representatives who are new to Jooma!. No prior experience of Joomla is necessary. All modules contain hands-on exercises to solidify the concepts taughts in class.


Day 1 Topics

Quick Introduction to Content Management Systems

Overview of the Joomla Technology Stack
    Apache, mySQL, PHP and Joomla Core Framework

Installation and Basic Configuration of Joomla 1.5.10
    Site, Server and Global Configuration Settings
    Must Have External Brower Add-ons
    Coping with Multiple Browsers - Planning for the Odd

Introduction to the Administrative Console
    Terminology and Functionality of Various Administrative Areas
    Working Quickly and Effectively within the Joomla Admin Area
    Extensions for the Joomla Administrative Interface
Designing a Joomla Site Architecture
    How to Think About Your Site Structure
    Sections, Categories, Articles
    Avoiding "Listitis" in Joomla
    Usability Testing for a Joomla Website

Day 2 Topics

Choosing and working with components, modules and plugins
    The "vetting" process on JED
    Native vs. Legacy Extensions - caveats and considerations

Choosing and working with templates.
    CSS and PHP
    Simple template customizations and modifications
    Using template overrides in Joomla! 1.5
    Best sources of free and commercial templates for Joomla!

Building community websites with Joomla!
    Leveraging the basic Joomla! framework
    Additions and Extensions to be considered in building a dynamic community site

Day 3 Topics

Extending and Integrating Joomla! with External Programs
    Using external programs with Joomla!
    Using Extension bridges within Joomla!
    Using Flex/Flash, Adobe Air and Ajax with Joomla!

Managing and Securing a Joomla Site
    Locking Down Your Underlying Technologies
    Performance Tuning of Apache and mySQL to work with Joomla
    Securing Joomla!
    Common Hacks and Exploitations in Joomla! and How to Avoid Them

Continental Breakfast is provided at no charge each day of class.