Astia's Doing it Right Silicon Valley: Life Science Series

Astia'a Doing it Right Silicon Valley Life Science Series is an unparalleled resource for success - a transformative program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who want to become dominant players in their sectors. The breadth and depth of our premium network provides entrepreneurs in the Life Science arena with unprecedented access to capital as well as comprehensive business strategy and insights and guidance.

Register for the Full Life Science Series to seize the opportunity to engage with investors and serial entrepreneurs by access to 11 panel sessions and 4 keynote speeches taking place during Astia's Doing it Right Silicon Valley program for exceptional entrepreneurs. The following transformative panels and the exciting keynote speakers are listed below.


November 2nd   (All sessions this day take place at Microsoft SF Campus, 835 Market Street, 7th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103)

Keynote Speaker: 9:15am: Tom Kosnik on Negotiating the Triple Chasms of Generation, Gender, and Culture

As entrepreneurs who do business in global markets, we face a common challenge: How to persuade employees, customers, investors, and others to bet their money, time, talent, and other resources on our new ventures?
Venture creation requires negotiation, where we often face the challenge of crossing the triple chasms of generation, gender, and culture. The success or failure of a new venture may hinge on whether we are successful in negotiating the triple chasms.

Tom Kosnik and Ooshma Garg will reveal insights from a global team of more than a dozen entrepreneurial leaders who have navigated the chasms of generation, gender, and culture in hundreds of new ventures over the last twenty years.

Panel: 10-11am: Best Practices in Funding

Entrepreneurs will be introduced to best practices for investor presentations with a focus on how to position your company as an attractive investment opportunity. 


Keynote Speaker: 1:15pm: Sramana Mitra on Bootstrapping, Weapon of Mass Reconstruction

In a world battered by economic crisis, Sramana Mitra believes entrepreneurship is the only sustainable path forward to a healthy economic world order.  And core to the success of entrepreneurial ventures today is the invigorating art of bootstrapping.  Sramana Mitra--a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant and Forbes columnist--takes aim at this essential route along the roadmap to startup success with Entrepreneur Journeys.

Panel: 2:00-3:00pm: Alternative Funding Strategies

This panel will provide a candid perspective of the alternative sources of funds as well as a discussion of the different types of investors, process, typical deal terms, preference structures, and valuations.


Keynote Speaker: 5:00-5:30pm: Julie A. Kirsch on The Substance of Brand Identity

Brand awareness, brand equity, brand identity …What is it?  What isn’t it?  Be prepared to spend a meaningful session hearing what really matters in building a brand. Going beyond advertising and logos, Ms. Kirsch will discuss the organic substance of a brand that successfully drives decisions, evokes emotion and provides sustainable, lasting value.

November 3rd

Keynote Speaker: 2:00-2:45pm: Lisa Conte on Social Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

It has been well recognized during the past year that the pharmaceutical industry must not just evolve its business model, but also that the industry may be operating under a broken model of the past. Innovation to address current problems can be achieved coincident with bringing social responsibility and change to the pharmaceutical industry.



Panel: 3:00-4:00pm: Informed Business Strategy

How to view your companies as an outside investor/granting agency/partner might and how to identify and mitigate inherent risks specific to their business. This session will provide a fundamental understanding of how investors evaluate investment opportunities.


November 4th

Panel: 9:00-10:00am: Perspectives on Market Opportunity and its Relationship to Value

This session will review the variety of issues for identifying "the customer" and a general product profile for life science compnies as a key component to building the company's business case for presentation to the investment community.


November 5th

Panel: 9:00-10:00am: Barriers to Entry and Intellectual Property: How to Build and Protect Your Assets

The session will include information about freedom to operate requirements, do's and do not's of provisional applications, unique in-licensing and out-licensing issues among others. 


Panel: 11:15-12:15pm: Establishing a Roadmap for Successful Due Dilligence

This session will focus on the process of due diligence as well as identify the critical components for a ready made due diligence package. The panel will highlight the basic terms for each funding situation and educate the entrepreneur about the various items that investors/granting agencies/stategic partners view as non-negotiable.


November 6th

Panel: 9:00-10:00am: The Changing Regulatory Environment

Industry experts discuss how to be both proactive and strategic in developing a process for study design, FDA clearance, etc., in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.


Panel: 2:00-3:00pm: Own Your Financials for Life Science Companies

Participants will learn the terms and skills needed to create a defensible financial picture of the company helping them to better articulate and defend the business model and strategy.


November 7th   (All sessions this day take place at Reed Smith, LLP, 101 Second Street, San Francisco, CA)

Panel: 9:00-9:15am: View from the Top

Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, will provide an introduction to the final day, go over highlights of the week, and a call to action for entrepreneurs and advisory teams.


Panel: 9:15-10:00am: Current State of Venture Capital

This panel will discuss the current climate of venture capital.


Panel: 9:15-10:00am: Current State of Angel Investment

This panel will discuss the current state of angel investment.



"Astia was transformative for our company and for my own growth as an entreprenuer. It gave me access to a network of incredibly experienced and influential people within Silicon Valley who have had a tremendous impact on the progress our company has since made."

 -Shanna Tellerman, Founder & CEO

Sim Ops Studios


The Life Science Series is sponsored by

Fenwick & West LLP


Name Sales End Price Fee
Life Science Series Registration Ended $500 $7.95
Keynote Speaker: Tom Kosnik Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Best Practices in Funding Ended $55 $2.09
Keynote Speaker, Tom Kosnik & Session 1 Ended $75 $2.49
Keynote Speaker: Sramana Mitra Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Alternative Funding Strategies Ended $55 $2.09
Keynote Speaker: Julie A. Kirsch Ended $55 $2.09
Keynote Speaker, Sramana Mitra & Session 2 Ended $75 $2.49
Keynote Speaker: Lisa Conte Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Informed Business Strategy Ended $55 $2.09
Keynote Speaker, Lisa Conte & Session 3 Ended $75 $2.49
Panel: Perspectives on Market Opportunity Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Barriers to Entry and Intellectual Property Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Establishing a Roadmap for Successful Due Dilligence Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: The Changing Regulatory Environment Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Own Your Financials for Life Science Companies Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: View from the Top Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Current State of Venture Capital Ended $55 $2.09
Panel: Current State of Angel Investment Ended $55 $2.09

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