ASSOB Seminar - Sydney, April 2009.

A special capital raising seminar for unlisted companies...

There is no doubt that 2009 is going to be a difficult time for Australian business. With banks closing their doors to commercial lending and many businesses seeing a significant downturn in trade, access to capital is becoming a critical issue for hundreds of thousands of Australian businesses.

This 3-hour seminar will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing all companies seeking to raise capital in today’s challenging economic climate, in particular unlisted companies.

Topics covered

The educational material presented will be based on insights gained from assisting over 150 unlisted company raise capital, this includes:

    * What investors are looking for right now
    * How to value your business
    * Strategies to increase your success in raising capital
    * ASSOB examples – in-depth analysis of factors leading to previous successes   
      & failures
    * Low cost business development strategies that will impress investors and grow
       your business

We will also address the new requirements to become ‘ASSOB Listed’ and initiatives ASSOB is implementing over the next 12 months to gain recognition for the unlisted securities space as a main stream (and highly-lucrative) investment opportunity.

What others said about these seminars...

“One of the best seminars I have ever been to.”
Ian Harris - Davenports Financial Solutions.

“Very practical, real-life approach. Enjoyed it immensely!”
Jason Swaffield - Our Home Your Home Australia.

“It’s about time someone had the guts to tell it like it is. Well done!”
Lance Staer - Thornburys Accountants and Advisers.

“This will immediately help my business raise the capital I need.”
Peter Abbott - Humanitee.

“Very hands-on information delivered in plain English.”
Michael Beverley - IP Wealth.

“Wow! Eye opener. I am far better equipped as a result.”
Jen Barnes - Magic Grip Pty Ltd.

“A completely definitive presentation of how to go about raising capital as an unlisted company.”
John Warwick - Business Vision.

Money back guarantee - educational events, not a sales pitch on ASSOB

If you're concerned about not getting full value for your investment in this seminar then no problem. If you don't the like the event (for any reason) just send us an email after the event (with your bank details) and we will arrange a full refund immediately. These events are not a sales pitch on ASSOB but rather detailed educational events that should be attended by anyone looking to raise capital or invest in unlisted, high growth companies. All professionals that work with high-calibre, high-growth companies should also attend so that they are aware of ASSOB as an alternative funding pathway for their clients.

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Public Ended $195